LG unveils its lighter, slimmer, smarter and faster 4K TV models for 2015

by on December 30, 2014

Stephan Jukic – December 30, 2014

CES 2015 is just around the corner and a lot of electronics makers are taking maximal advantage of the massive event to showcase their best and newest technologies. LG is no exception and given its leading role in the production of 4K TVs –which will feature strongly at CES—the company is making sure to include a full lineup of awesome new models for audiences.

LG’s new 2015 line of 4K UHD TVs will definitely be better than their 2014 counterparts. The TVs are promising to be thinner than ever, have a much better smart TV interface and boast display quality that’s more life-like than anything yet seen.

So far, the Korean electronics giant’s lineup of ultra HD TVs consists of eight different lines and though specific details about pricing and model specs are being saved for the actual CES show, the wide variety of sets that are going to be introduced clearly indicate a serious effort by LG to release TVs for all sorts of budgets and size preferences.

So far, the cheapest 4K TV sold by LG is retailing for $1,200, but it’s a rather uninspiringly small 40” inch model.

One of the major areas in which many are hoping for some serious improvements in pricing is the LG line of OLED 4K TVs. These are unique in the entire 4K market in combining OLED display technology with full ultra HD resolution. However, they’re also extremely expensive and even the smallest model currently on sale is retailing for well over $3,000 USD.

As for the technological improvements that LG will be presenting with its new 4K TVs, the company is putting priority effort into creating better color performance in at least two different ways: The first of these is a new kind of phosphor-based LED technology that will be implemented in the edge-lighting of 4K TV sets and the second major color improvement involves quantum dot technology.

Quantum dots are being heralded as a lower cost substitute for OLED technology which happens to deliver nearly identical levels of color gamut. They consist of extremely tiny color-expressing crystals are injected into the new 4K LCD screens that are coming out.

These technologies apply particularly to the company’s premium line of ColorPrime sets and LG claims that with the two technologies implemented, users of the new TV lines will see between 25% and 30% increases in the color gamut of their 2015 ultra HD TVs.

LG is focusing on color gamut and other related improvements in its 2015 UHD TVs

LG is focusing on color gamut and other related improvements in its 2015 UHD TVs

Because of these improvements in picture technology, LG is also claiming that they can now afford to build screes with edges that are thinner than ever and according to the company, the lineup of 4K sets that we’re going to see at CES 2015 will be “just millimeters thick”.

Along with this extraordinary new level of reduced thickness, the new TVs will also feature “barely there” bezel edges and absolutely minimalist stands thanks to the lower weight of thinner screen design.

Finally, LG is also including a new and improved user interface in their 2015 4K TVs. This new version of the webOS platform, called webOS 2.0, will feature a 60% faster boot time and a much smoother, more intuitive navigation mechanism.

We’ll keep following updates to what LG is going to be releasing, and when CES 2015 rolls around in less than a week, much better details on the new LG lineup will be published here.

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