LG showing off some interesting new monitors at CES 2015: Featuring 21:9 ratio, curvature and 4K displays

by on January 5, 2015

Stephan Jukic – January 5, 2015

In between quantum dot display technology, new 4K TVs and lower priced OLED 4K models, one of the other new technologies that LG plans on showing us at CES 2015 is its new collection of monitors.

The company is unveiling several new PC displays that should make a lot of heads turn for different reasons. First among the bunch is a Full HD 21:9 ratio display with AMD FreeSynch technology built into it for maximal smoothness during heavy duty gaming sessions.

The company (LG) claims that this is the first display that offers FreeSynch in an ultra-wide screen ratio and furthermore they claim that the FreeSynch technology guarantees the smoothest possible gaming experience and fluid motion without frame-rate problems.

The 34UM67, as the 21:9 display is called, also comes with a black stabilizer feature that’s designed to illuminate dark scenery ideally and includes a Dynamic Active Sync mode for minimal input lag.

However, only certain games –such as World of Warcraft– are designed to actually support the screen ratio so this feature might not be as attractive as the other specs of LGs PC monitors.

One of LG's new curved monitors that's going on display at CES 2015, the 34UC97

One of LG’s new curved monitors that’s going on display at CES 2015, the 34UC97

In addition to the 21:9 flat screen display, LG is also unveiling two other curved PC monitors with the same screen ratios. Of these, at least one features a 34 inch screen and comes with a not quite 4K Quad HD resolution of 3,440 x 1440 pixels. This model, called the 34UC97, gives users a 178 degree viewing angle and comes with a Thunderbolt 2 compatibility. The 34UC97 isn’t designed for gamers so much as for professional designers and photographers who want more screen space to work with.

The other curved 21:9 screen, the 34UC87M doesn’t quite yet have much detail available about its specs but we do know that it also features a 34 inch screen and the same visual ratio as the other models above.

Finally, we get down to the true 4K monitor that’s coming to CES 2015 from LG. This bad boy is called the 31MU97 and comes with a full “true” 4K resolution of 4,096 x 2160 pixels, as opposed to the much more common 3,840 x 2160 that go into most 4K screens.

The 31MU97 doesn’t come with a 21:9 screen ratio but it does manage a beautifully full color gamut that covers 99.5% of the Adobe Color Space standard. This should mean that users can use this display to not only render superbly detailed graphics but also enjoy some truly excellent color accuracy while they use it for gaming, graphic design or photography projects.

Pricing and market release date information for all of these monitors isn’t available yet but when it becomes public, we’ll be sure to cover the details.

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