LG Pushing the Boundaries of Ultra HD Technology at IFA 2014 with 8K Concept TV

by on September 4, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – September 4th, 2014

LG is definitely using the IFA Show in Berlin to show off its expanding technological prowess in the High end TV market.

First, the company unveiled what are known to be some of the only OLED 4K TVs in existence today, at least for consumer market sale. And LG didn’t just unveil these TVs, it’s flat out ready to start selling them worldwide before the next month begins, in sizes ranging from 55 inches to a very large 79 inch model that will cost well above $15,000 dollars.

The LG OLED/4K development alone is very impressive, given that to make an OLED TV within affordable parameters is something even rivals such as Samsung and Sony have not yet effectively solved. The technology of organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED) is considerably superior and more refined than the conventional artificial LED systems virtually all 4K and HD TVs in use today have inside them.

With OLED, LG has come up with Ultra HD TV sets that create a drastically superior picture quality to anything so far on the market by any other manufacturer.

And if the OLED development wasn’t enough, now LG has taken things several steps further and is using IFA to showcase the experimental results. Instead of just focusing on making 4K TVs as incredible as they can, they’ve now also developed an experimental 8K television set that they hope to one day be the first to release for consumer sale.


LG’S OLED 4K TVs on display at IFA 2014

The company is showing off a 98 inch 8K prototype TV set behind closed doors at the IFA 2014 conference in Berlin. However, this particular presentation isn’t so much a look at any real product that’s coming soon as it is a way for the company to show off just how skilled it is at pushing the boundaries of resolution technology.

8K resolution, which offers 8,000 horizontal pixels instead of the mere 3,840 to 4,096 of typical 4K resolution, gives an overall picture count of 16 times more pixels than Full HD 1080p resolution. However, given that 4K alone still faces distribution problems thanks to difficulties with transmitting content to the TV sets, 8K would be far more problematic as a practical display resolution on the regular consumer market, at least for now.

According to representatives of the company, speaking to interviewers from, the company could theoretically mass produce 8K TV sets by as early as next year but since absolutely no 8K content exists anywhere yet, there would be no point to buying what would amount to immensely expensive home entertainment systems. Even if they display a resolution of 7,680 x 4,320 pixels, which is so dense that the human eye can’t even detect the pixilation at close range.

The experimental LG TV is not all that far ahead of its 4K counterparts. It uses most of the same technology as they do and its display is rendered using four of the same processors that LGs 4K sets have for processing their own images.

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