LG is On Fire: Expanding Its Line of 4K TVs in All Directions

by on September 1, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – September 1st, 2014

LG is really going for broke on its investment in 4K TV technology in 2014. And it seems to be doing so to a degree greater than that of any other major competitor.

First, the company took the very radical step of developing and very recently releasing a series of new 4K OLED TVs that use organic light emitting diode technology instead of normal artificial LEDs such as those found in all other 4K TVs currently on the market.

These new sets from the company, while extremely expensive even by the standards of normal 4K, are getting some truly awesome reviews from critics and tech watchers worldwide and have pushed the envelope on TV display development ahead by at least a couple of years.

However, if this wild investment in promoting Ultra HD display to the maximum wasn’t enough, the company is also coming out with a new “conventional” 4K Ultra HD TV model without OLED Backlighting in it.

It’s called the UB950T and it’s the latest 4K offering from the major electronics maker. The 950T is a middle range Ultra HD set that, in the constellation of such TVs from LG, sits right in between the top-of-the-line 980T line of TVs and the lower cost 850T series of more budget oriented 4K TV sets.

LG's newest Curved 4K TV

LG’s newest Curved 4K TV at IFA 2014

The 950T comes in two different screen sizes, one of 55 inches and the other a more respectable 65 inch screen. In addition to this, its overall design borrows features from both the more expensive 980T series and the lower cost 85T line of LG TVs. The stand is identical to that of the 850T but it also includes some of the features that come standard with the much high-end 980T TVs. These extra features include four excellent Harmon Kardon speakers along with a rear bass woofer, though the woofer has an output of 35 watts as opposed to the 980Ts 70 watt woofer.

The pricing of the 950T is also right in the middle of LG’s artificial LED 4K TV constellation: The 55 inch model of the 950 will cost you roughly $2,950 USD while the 65 inch version has a price tag of just over $3,000.

These prices are about 20% higher than those of the 850T line of TVs and roughly 25% cheaper than the costs of similar sized 980T top of the line models.

Of course, even these prices for the new 4K models from LG are actually discounts from the original suggested retail prices revealed earlier in the year in May. This is likely part of a larger trend by which the prices of 4K TVs are dropping steadily across the board, even doing so from fiscal quarter to fiscal quarter.

In case users thinking of buying the new line of conventional LED 4K TVs from LG are worried about a lack of 4K content, all of these sets come with built-in upscaling engines that will turn any Full HD 1080p resolution into something much better, at least according to the manufacturer.

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