IFA 2015 is where LG is going to reveal the “future” of 4K screen technology in a keynote by the company CEO

by on June 22, 2015

Stephan Jukic – June 22, 2015

At this year’s IFA tradeshow on September 4th, Sang-Boem Han, the CEO OF LG Electronics, promises to show us display technology which goes beyond 4K itself and reaches into new territory with the theme of “How display technologies will chage our lives”.

The idea sounds interesting but it could also easily be little more than speculative hype, if only it weren’t LG pushing the theme in a keynote speech. If there’s one company in the consumer electronics industry which can definitely be called an innovative leader, it’s LG.

They were at the forefront of OLED 4K display development and their expensive bet on the success of those particular 4K TVs seems to have paid off despite pessimism from competing brands. The current and 2014 crops of LG OLED 4K TVs are some of the best rated in the world and despite their very high price tags, they’re surprisingly popular sellers among 4K TV fans.

Furthermore, LG recently unveiled new 4K TVs that incorporate quantum dot nano crystal technology under their own label of “ColorPrime” TVs. Quantum dots aren’t exactly new though and Sony is in fact the company that pioneered this color enhancing screen technology before anyone else did so commercially, but nevertheless, LG shows that it’s willing to jump into the game with new technologies from across the spectrum.

Even more radical was the recent unveiling by LG of an OLED-based flexible TV prototype with a thickness of just 1 mm, which is mountable to a wall just like a giant fridge magnet and can be rolled up in the same way as a sheet of plastic. The 55 inch TV of the future has a 55 inch screen but ways just 5.6 lbs. At the recent LG unveiling, it was made to stick to a wall through a magnetic wall mount that mounts behind the TV screen itself.

Thus, with all these developments, LG’s CEO is going to have a lot of people anticipating his words at IFA 2015, and the likely thing is that he will ask the audience to imagine what comes down the road after the current innovative display technologies like HDR, 4K, curved screens and quantum dots fully develop.

One of LG's highly experimental flexible screen displays, for a smartphone in this case.

One of LG’s highly experimental flexible screen displays, for a smartphone in this case.

In light of LGs actual efforts in innovation, we can safely assume that the CEO and his company believe the future to lie with exactly those paper-thin, highly flexible and ultra-light weight TV screens LG is already working on for its TVs and other devices.

Furthermore, CEO Han isn’t just your ordinary corporate executive with purely boardroom oriented experience. He spent 30 years in the semiconductor technology development sector and was one of the key players in developing LG’s IT and TV business areas to major international competitiveness. Most daring of all is Han’s personal investment in pushing OLED forward despite the criticisms which surrounded the technology. He was the major pioneer in commercializing the technology at LG.

Once again, with all these factors in mind, we can expect the seeds of some very interesting future TV and display technologies to be revealed and discussed at CEO Han’s IFA 2015 keynote in September.

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