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by on December 5, 2016

Stephan Jukic – December 05, 2016

LeEco, the Chinese brand that has already bought Vizio and made some headlines in the U.S with the unveiling of its new and heavily improved 2016 line of Super 4 4K high Dynamic Range 4K TVs is now finally selling these new models on

As our recent review of the 2016 LeEco 2016 Super 4 X55 4K TV indicates, this model delivers a roster of specs and a quality of display performance which greatly exceed the quality of the company’s previous and relatively unknown (in the U.S market) 2015 Super 3 4K TVs.

Not only do the new Super 5 models offer some robust HDR10 support, fully modern connectivity and access to Android TV along with all of its major 4K and other media apps, the new 2016 4K TVs from the company are also generally better designed and built to compete effectively in the U.S market where quality ultra HD TV models from Sony, Samsung, LG and even Vizio rule the roost.


Now the LeEco Super 4 4K HDR models are available from itself for a range of prices that is on the whole quite affordable for the sorts of specs and highlights these new televisions offer.

First and smallest in the lineup is the 43 inch Super 4 model, which LeEco is selling for only $649 and with the same basic specs and features as its larger cousins. Next up comes the X55 for a very reasonable price of $849 for a 4K HDR TV in this size range. Then finally, we have LeEco’s Super 4 65 inch model, which retails for $1,399.

As you can quickly see if you compare these prices with those of the mid-range 4K HDR TVs of other brands like Sony and Samsung –referring particularly to Sony X800D and Samsung KU7300 to KU7500 4K HDR television models— the new LeEco TVs are being sold at competitive prices but at the same time they’re not being pushed at prices that indicate bare bones display quality. Instead, with the pricing structure above, LeEco is sending the message to consumers that it considers its new Super 4 models to be at least the equal of mid-range name brand 2016 HDR TVs of equal size while not quite trying to quite compete with the premium Sony, LG and Samsung 4K TV models out there.

From our own soon-to-be-updated review of the X55 Super 4 model, we can say that these new LeEco TVs do certainly deliver a level HDR10 specs for color and an overall level of display performance which we consider to be more than good enough by the standards of many better known 2016 4K television models. Their black levels and color performance are excellent and their overall capacity for handling native 4K content of all kinds is quite robust. In terms of performance and price, they’re what we’d call a worthwhile consideration for consumers who aren’t looking to spend bigger bucks on a top-shelf 4K HDR TV but do want quality for a reasonable price.


Notably absent from the LeEco Amazon listings so far is the flagship 2016 LeEco uMax85 85 inch 4K TV, which offers similar specs to the Super 4 models but with much more robust backlighting, local dimming and other performance specs according to LeEco.

Here are the Amazon listings themselves, they’re definitely worth checking out:

LeEco Super 4 X43 4K HDR UHD 43 inch TV: $649

LeEco Super 4 X55 HDR 4K UHD 55 inch TV: $899

LeEco Super 4 X65 HDR 4K UHD 65 inch TV: $1,399


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  • MrSatyre
    December 5, 2016 at 6:26 pm

    But how are they at scaling lower resolution material to 4K? I’ve found that most low-budget 4K displays, while otherwise decent with 4K content, are seriously lacking in the scaling department.


  • Jared
    December 9, 2016 at 12:56 pm

    In addition to MrSaytre’s question, I would like to know the display lag for these models, with HDR on and HDR/Game Mode on. That will determine whether they’re a possibility at all for most consumers, who may want to play games or use interactive content on them at some point (which is a nightmare if they have higher than 20-40ms of display lag overall).


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