Latest rumors indicate 4K camera for Apple’s upcoming next-gen 4-inch iPhone SE

by on March 15, 2016

Stephan Jukic – March 15, 2016

Some fresh new rumors in the run up to a special spring event to be hosted by Apple on March 21st are indicating that we might be able to expect the company’s new next generation 4 inch iPhone to have a new high-definition iSight camera system with 4K video recording capacity. If indeed true, this would mean that the new smaller device will be on par with the existing and larger iPhone 6S series cousins. It would also set Apple much more firmly down the course for across the board 4K recording in all its future phones.

According to an internet tipster, revealing the rumors to the website, the Cupertino electronics giant is planning on showing off the imaging power of the soon to arrive “iPhone SE” through a forthcoming promotional video which will include a scene made up of 4K footage captures with the new phone’s own iSight camera technology.

While AppleInsider hasn’t managed to yet verify the rumor from their tipster, the idea has plenty of credibility considering previous Apple rumors about 4K technology that turned out to be on the mark. Furthermore, the company’s latest flagship phones, the impressive iPhone 6S and 6S Plus do indeed include 4K video capture, and it’s quite spectacular to boot, having already been used to capture even full length pro documentaries like the one previewed in the YouTube video below.

Apples special spring event is coming up next week, so whether the rumor is true or not will likely be revealed then. However, even if Apple makes no mention of a 4K recording iPhone SE in time for their March 21st media-friendly function won’t mean it isn’t in the works. These rumors, if true at all, might be pending for a longer-run reveal.

In any case, assuming the rumor is true, it indicates a feature set for the iPhone SE that’s much more like that of the iPhone 6S than we’d previously have hoped. Thus, instead of the modest upgrade over the older iPhone 5s, the new iPhone SE could be a much more robust device than its small 4 inch screen and older rumors about the device’s specs would lead one to believe.

What we can say for sure is that as the expected launch date for the iPhone SE moves closer, rumors across the board are indicating a more interesting, more powerful device that has much more in common with the iPhone 6S than it does with the weaker iPhone 5S.

The phone is also widely expected to adopt an NFC module for Apple Pay and include a powerful 12-megapixel iSight photo camera (aside from the rumors of 4K video recording in this built-in shooter). Furthermore, there will supposedly be support for Live Photos, which is a specialized and advanced imaging format allowed by current modules and advanced processing technology.

Other evidence in favor of 4K video support in the iPhone SE came out in February of this year, when it was filtered out that Apple’s newest, most powerful A9 processor would also be in the new iPhone. This is particularly unique from a UHD video POV because we definitely know the A9 to be designed with 4K video in mind. It’s the same chip which allows Apple’s iPhone 6S and 6S Plus phones to handle 4K UHD video recording at a respectable 30 frames per second while also offering 1080p HD at a whopping 120fps and 720p at a massive 240fps. These are some powerful video capture speeds for a mere phone camera.

Apple’s special event for March 21st is also likely going to be the announcement platform for a new 9.7 inch iPad model, and this too is cause for plenty of tech-watcher curiosity.

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