Latest PC DOOM comes with an Ultra Nightmare Quality setting that looks spectacular in 4K

by on May 6, 2016

Stephan Jukic – May 6, 2016

Fans of the by now nearly ancient DOOM game series have something excellent to look forward to if they love 4K graphics.

Since last month, fans of the legendary game franchise from all over the world have been free to try out the newest entry to the DOOM franchise which is now launching for PC and gaming consoles this month due to a multiplayer beta.

Most importantly as far as this site is concerned, PC players can also now enjoy the new game on different detail settings, and the latest of these which has recently been revealed by id Software lead programmer Billy Khan is the new Ultra Nightmare quality level, which would definitely require a hefty level of PC processing power to render effectively. This is because the new Ultra Nightmare setting go even beyond conventional Ultra settings into the sort of territory where they look at their absolute best on a 4K PC monitor with the necessary processing kick to make them run smoothly.


As we said, these settings are a step above Ultra detail levels and considering that the new DOOM game already looks great even on normal high levels of detail, seeing just how good Ultra Nightmare can look should definitely be worth a bit of play on a true 4K gaming rig if you have on hand.

According to developer Billy Khan, who got a chance to see the game in action in 4K resolution, the Ultra Nightmare setting looks “mesmerizing” when played on a 4K display with Nividia G-Sync technology turned on.

Thus, if your PC gaming rig is built to handle 4K and also happens to enjoy G-Sync and a NVIDIA 4K-capable GPU. The latest PC version of DOOM offers some interesting possibility for killing digital demons at a level of detail never before possible with this legendary game.

Furthermore, players who enjoy DOOM on PC will have access to a number of other cool tweaks that aren’t available to console gamers thanks to the games advanced settings, which were originally noted in the beta release of this new DOOM version.


These new tweaks include the ability to lock frame rates manually, change light quality, shading quality, post process quality and the way a number of other artifacts in the game look. There are also settings available for how reflections look, depth of field toggle, resolution scaling, rendering mode and performance metrics viewing.

DOOM for PC, PlayStation 4 an Xbox One is launching on May the 13th so if you’re a PC gamer who has loved DOOM as this writer has since it first appeared, keep your eyes open.

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