Late Night Amazon Prime Deal: Samsung MU6300 75 Inch 4K HDR TV Model for 29% Off

by on July 11, 2017

Stephan Jukic – July 12, 2017

Earlier this afternoon we posted an enticingly decent 4K TV deal for Amazon Prime Day on a Smasung MU6300 55 inch model that was selling for just $599.99. Given the specs and performance of the MU6300 based on our own review of this model, we considered this discount offer for the 55 inch version to be a pretty good deal overall, especially for newcomers to the 4K TV market who are looking for an uncomplicated but solid performer of a new television model.

Now, for these same kinds of consumers and others who want a really damn big 4K HDR TV but without having to spend a fortune, we have one of Amazon’s Latest and possibly last Prime Day offers for the 75 inch version of the exact same MU6300.

And this deal really is a good one for such a huge 4K television from the 2017 Samsung lineup with some HDR picture specs. Amazon is offering the UN75MU6300 model for just $2000, with a 29% discount off its former price of $2,799.99. For a giant 75 inch name brand mid-range 4K HDR TV model, you pretty much won’t see a better discount price than this one, especially for a new model with full product warranty. We are impressed, and again, we genuinely liked the MU6300 when we reviewed it.

Late Night Amazon Prime Deal: Samsung MU6300 75 Inch 4K HDR TV Model for 29% Off

To rehash on our opinion of this particular Samsung model for any of you who are considering this offer: The MU6300 does not deliver “Wow!” performance by the standards of truly premium newer 4K HDR TVs from the same or other major brands. So if you’re used to SUHD TV or OLED TV levels of quality, this model won’t impress you, but it also won’t disappoint at all if its price is taken into consideration. People who’ve never before owned a 4K TV or never owned a model this large will however be impressed and the MU6300 performs well enough with any decent kind of content to really look great with its 75 inch display. It offers superb contrast ratio, excellent rich deep blacks and solid, fairly vibrant color performance. This model also happens to be one fantastic console gaming TV, with superbly low input lag and multiple resolution, HDR and color compatibility via its HDMI connections.

Once again, here is Amazon’s limited time sales offer page for the 75 inch UN75MU6300 4k HDR TV from Samsung.

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