JVC Unveils 4K E-Shift5 & 20th Anniversary Special Edition Model Projectors

by on September 4, 2017

Stephan Jukic – September 4, 2017

In celebration of the 20th anniversary since JVC developed their first D-ILA (Direct-Drive Image Light Amplifier) reflective liquid crystal device, the Japanese company has introduced a new line-up of projectors compatible with 4K UHD content sources (3840 × 2160 pixels) and is also celebrating the 20th anniversary with a special edition model, the DLA-20LTD.

The new D-ILA projectors, the DLA-X9900, DLA-X7900, DLA-X5900 offer a 4K-like picture but they are not technically 4K. Instead, they use a system called “e-shift”, which splits all incoming 4k signals and project them out to two 1080p panels. The image is then combined using “pixel shift” to emulate a 4K quality picture that’s really more of a 1080p signal upscaled to simulated 2K. In essence, these projectors take conventional Full HD and expand it to just 4 million pixels. The advantages of 4K e-shift5 over full 4k Projectors? These pseudo 4k projectors are more affordable and still deliver great picture quality which is further enhanced by some very solid color performance and great contrast ratios. Users who want something closer to actual 4K projector resolution without spending the several thousand dollars that a genuine native Sony 4K projector would cost can also go for devices such as Epson’s new HDR “4K” projectors. These also simulate native 4K but the pixel shifting mechanism by which they pull this off allows them to at least place the equivalent of 8.29 million pixels onto a projection surface through pixel shifting.

JVC Unveils 4K E-Shift5 & 20th Anniversary Special Edition Model Projectors

Furthermore, these projectors are THX 3D display standard certified. They come with two blur reduction technologies: “Clear Motion Drive”, which is compatible up to 4K/60p 4:4:4 video signals, and “Motion Enhance”, to help to reproduce a variety of crisp and smooth moving images. The projectors can be set up with an additional optical sensor and exclusive software, to optimize the image quality under various ambient conditions.

The DLA-offers 1900 lumens of brightness and a 160,000:1 contrast ratio. The DLA-X7900B can deliver 1900 lumens and a 120,000:1 native contrast ratio. And the DLA-X5900B 1700 lumens and 40,000:1 ratio. All of these devices are compatible with HDCP2.2 and support 4K signals with HDR10 up to 60 fps and 4: 4: 4.

JVC is also releasing an especial 20th anniversary edition for its DLA-20LTD projector.  JVC didn’t offer many details on this model, but the main distinguishing feature will come from its amazing contrast of 200,000:1. It comes on a striking Special Luxury “JVC Red” color finish, with 20th Anniversary print on the top panel, and also the 20th anniversary logo will be displayed when the projector is started up.

There are no details on the pricing, but the new product line-up is expected to be released this October.

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