Here are the three new 4K Ultra HD camcorders JVC is releasing in 2015 at great prices

by on November 12, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – November 12, 2014

JVC Electronics Corporation, of recent 4K drone camera fame, has announced that it would be releasing three new relatively inexpensive 4K camcorders in February and March of 2015.

All three of the new devices are part of the new 4KCam product line and all three feature 4K ultra HD shooting capacity, two DSHC/SCXC card slots with multiple recording modes available, a 3.5 inch LCD display, a 1.56 megapixel color viewfinder and two channel audio recording capacity.

Overall, these three shooters, listed here in descending price order, compare pretty well to competitor brand 4K camcorders.

At the top end, there is the GY-LS300, which retails for $4450 without its lens. This model comes with a micro-four thirds lens mount and a powerful Super 35-format CMOS sensor that, combined with the micro-four thirds mount, is an extremely effectives solution for accommodating a very wide variety of lenses and adapters without compromising any image quality and other characteristics that have to do with the lenses used. The LS300 also uses something called Variable Scan Mapping to maintain a consistent angle of viewing when using adapters with both PL and EF lens types.

Overall, these features give the LS300 the kind of flexibility that is ideal for using high-end cinema lenses and more affordable lenses both to capture some very fine 4K ultra HD video footage.

In terms of recording specs, the LS300 will capture Ultra HD at 24p or 30p to .MOV files at 150Mbps and the live Ultra HD signal can be monitored through HDMI, or downconverted to Full HD for transmission over HDMI or SDI cables. The camera can also capture 60p 4:2:2 HD at up to 50 Mbps, also as a .MOV file or at 4:2:0 ratios as an AVCHD format.

H.264 proxy files at 480 x 270 and 950 x 540 can be recorded simultaneously with full HD as well. There are also dual XLR audio inputs that can be switched between mic and line level.

The LS300 also comes with network and streaming engines, meaning that users can remotely control, supervise and conduct bandwidth dependent live streams in HD over WiFi and 4G LTE connections.

Next in line comes the JVC GY-HM200. This camcorder retails for a much lower price of just $2995 and has been labeled by JVC as a sort of “streaming” camcorder. This is the least expensive camera that the company makes which also comes with a built-in HD streaming engine such as the one found in the LS300.

The HM200 comes with a ½.3-inch BSI CMOS sensor at 9.03 megapixels and also includes a built-in fixed 12x F1.2-3.5 zoom lens that is correspondent to a 35mm equivalent of about 29.5mm to 354mm with optical image stabilization. This model also features a 24x Dynamic zoom in HD that offers optical zoom and pixel mapping without resolution loss.

Furthermore, the HM200 records 4K Ultra HD at 150Mbps at 24 to 30p and can record its UHD 4K videos to SDXC cards. Full HD recording can be done at 50Mbps in the 24 to 60 p range at a ratio of 4:2:2 and the same applies for SD resolution recording. This model also features live Ultra HD output via HDMI and HD output via both SDI and HDMI.

The JVC GY-HM200E 4KCAM ultra HD camcorder

The JVC GY-HM200E 4KCAM ultra HD camcorder

Finally, we come down to the most conservatively priced of the three 4K camcorders, the gy-hm170. With a retail price of $2,495 USD, it’s definitely the cheapest of the new JVC offerings but nonetheless also delivers some very rich features. In most ways it’s highly similar in specs to the above noted HM200 but doesn’t include an integrated handle, streaming capabilities, IP connectivity, HD-SDI or XLR audio inputs. This model comes with a built-in stereo microphone and 3.5mm audio input.

Of course, it can also capture Ultra HD footage at 150 Mbps and 24 to 30p and, like its HM200 counterpart, it also features a integrated 12x F1.2-3.5 zoom lens.

the GY-HM170E Compact 4KCAM Handheld Ultra HDCamcorder

the GY-HM170E Compact 4KCAM Handheld Ultra HDCamcorder

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