JVC Is Joining the Party and Bringing out its First 4K Ultra HD TV

by on September 29, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – September 29th, 2014

Given that all of the big and little players in electronics technology are moving into 4K development and live product production, JVC is no less eager than the rest to do the same. In this company’s case, the move is especially important given that the 4K TV market is the hottest of them all and competitiveness translates into embracing the new resolution standard.

Now, JVC will concretely be entering the same pool as Samsung, Sony, LG, Panasonic, Sharp and numerous other much smaller players in the TV market.

This entry is going to begin with the recently unveiled 65 inch DM65USR 4K/UHD LED TV that the company has produced and priced at a very reasonable (for a 65 inch 4K TV) $2000.

While the newcomer to the 4K TV world had already announced the impending arrival of the DM65USR as far back as June, a more recent public announcement from JVC indicated that the new 4K TV is going to be reaching stores for display and sale very shortly, either at the very end of September or in early October.

Some of the key, and crucial, features of the new TV include 5 HDMI ports (with HDMI 2.0 in 4 of them), direct LED backlighting with local dimming instead of the inferior edge lit LED backlighting and the added picture clarity bonus of JVC’s CrysitaColor XD circuitry.

Other specs include JVC’s proprietary XinemaSound system with a DSP feature that should add richer overall audio performance and the inclusion of a double sided remote that also feature the interesting bonus of a full Qwerty keyboard.

However, one specification that is notably absent from any information about the DM65USR is mention of HEVC decoding capacity. Since this is the 4K video compression codec used by pretty much all major streaming Ultra HD content providers in existence today, its absence had better be a marketing glitch instead of a tacit admission that HEVC is actually lacking in the TV.

JVC had better include HEVC in its 4K sets soon if it wants to stay competitive

JVC had better include HEVC in its 4K sets soon if it wants to stay competitive

A JVC 4K TV without HEVC could prove to be a total deal breaker for any savvy fans of 4K given its severe limitations on content availability. And since most of the people currently buying 4K TVs are still more of the aficionado type, they will be looking for HEVC functionality.

If the 65USR doesn’t come with HEVC, it will be relegated to accepting only certain types of still scarce hardwired 4K content and the overall disappointment of this will be further underscored by the fact that competitor brand Vizio’s 4K TVs, also price in the highly competitive $2,000 range do have HEVC included. The Vizio line also feature a rich selection of other specs comparable to the JVC model 4K.

JVC has also announced the upcoming release of 55 inch and 85 inch versions of the USR 4K TV and these two different sizes of sets are schedules for store appearances sometime in the next few weeks.

It’s also worth mentioning that the JVC producing these new affordable 4K sets isn’t the same company that spend decades with a quality reputation. Instead, we’re seeing the release of JVC brand TVs made by a parent company from Taiwan called AmTran. Actual quality performance ratings will have to wait until the first sales releases of the DM65USR.

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