Meet Jupiter System’s Canvas CRS 4K Conference Room System for collaborative workflows

by on June 18, 2015

Stephan Jukic – June 18, 2015

4K is definitely moving beyond the boundaries of home entertainment technology, 4K TVs and ultra HD PC monitors for gamers. It has also established a small but rapidly growing niche for itself in the professional workplace. Obviously, this includes film studios and videography workflows more than anything else but there is also a wide range of professional corporate 4K workflow and interactive media solutions being developed almost monthly.

Our latest example of these latter technologies is the Jupiter System’s Canvas CRS-4K, a collaborative video conferencing solution for corporate meeting rooms and conferencing spaces.

Florida-based Jupiter systems isn’t a widely known company but it does provide a number of products and technology solutions for corporate collaborative needs and their latest piece of hardware comes with 4K fully integrated into it.

The CRS-4K conference room system runs off a small, very quiet box that unobtrusively enables board rooms, business planning sessions and strategy brainstorming sessions to enhance their overall experience through a mix of 4K ultra HD video and Ful HD conferencing if they prefer the lower resolution. The technology of CRS allows teams to share live video feeds, real-time data presentations, documents, app screens and presentations in general via the company’s software and the device itself.

The SimpleShare technology of the CRS-4K supports as many as four different 1080p Full HD displays or a single integrated 4K display, offering some flexibility for conference and “huddle” rooms which need a collaborative teamwork environment.

The SimpleShare technology inside the Jupiter CRS allows users without Canvas to share their laptops screen images instantly to a local presentation audience or remotely to other Canvas users. The SimpleShare technolog’s webCRTC implementation allows any laptop to basically be a Canvas source without need for newly downloaded software, specialized connecting cables or even attaching dongles of any kind.

Canvas is the proprietary collaborative visualization software used by the manufacturer of the CRS-4K to enable shared voice chat rooms, Microsoft Lync integration and support for shared video, audio and other features that come with SIP-based conferencing systems. The version used inside the CRS-4K is Jupiter’s latest, Canvas 3.0.

There is also a multitouch web-based tablet interface built into Canvas, which allows for video previewing and easy manipulation of conferencing “canvases”.

Some of the key features of the Canvas CRS-4K hardware include support for up to 8 Full HD H.264 video encoded streams, 8 VNC viewer windows, 8 web browser windows and 2 SimpleShare Windows.

A visual rundown of how the Canvas CRS-4K can enable collaboration with web connectivity and ultra HD 4K visuals

A visual rundown of how the Canvas CRS-4K can enable collaboration with web connectivity and ultra HD 4K visuals

The SimpleShare technology inside the CRS-4K lets users present content from their laptops wirelessly to a main display or to other users integrated with the Canvas software or the CRS-4K conference box.

Furthermore, as already mentioned, support for colleagues who don’t have Canvas is also possible thanks to the system’s integration with SIP-based conferencing systems. This means that users of the CRS-4K and Canvas can dial out to the machines of those who aren’t integrated to the Jupiter software/hardware combo. Users who have SIP-based conferencing systems can also dial into a Canvas and share video or audio.

The Canvas CRS is basically designed to handle a wide range of video and multimedia presentations for industries such as engineering, design, Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and assorted other digital media or interactive visual presentations.

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