The Joey 4K Camera Gives you 360 Degrees of Ultra HD Video

by on September 18, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – September 18th, 2014

Panoramic 360 degree video is an interesting concept that you’ll find being used in all sorts of places unexpectedly. Many sporting events, such as the Formula 1, make use of 360 degree or close to 360 degree cameras and it’s not hard to find cameras designed for viewing city life in some major urban area which also have a 360 degree vista.

However, most 360 cameras are only HD at best and often only offer 720p resolution. In order to change and improve that, a new Kickstarter campaign has gotten off the ground that wants to bring full 4K resolution to your entire field of surrounding view with a 360 degree Ultra HD camera.

The camera goes by the odd name of Joey and the new design features a custom built camera concept that has been put together from the ground up to bring what the company behind the project is calling a “zero compromise professional quality panoramic camera, allowing capture, broadcast and live two-way teleconferencing in unprecedented 360 degree quality at up to 4K resolution”.

The project is hoping to find itself funded through kickstarter and is already receiving quite a bit of media attention.

Two of the main features inside the specialized and odd looking camera are its Snapdragon 800 processer, which is known in the 4k industry as a very powerful tool for Ultra HD video processing, and its 13 megapixel sensor, which is more than enough to capture picture perfect 4K resolution at 3840 x 2160 pixels.

The camera is able to shoot video sequences in a complete 360 degree mode with no cutoff points along its horizontal axis and won’t suffer any degradation of the video quality according to its developers. It is supposed to be useful not only for things like sporting events, panoramic scene shots and nature shooting but also for an enterprise level of use, for teleconferences that fully show off everyone present in a large group without using multiple cameras.

This in fact is the angle that the developers are most leaning on, given the potential for corporate sales of the device.

The Joey camera is the parent company, Kogeto’s next project up from their previous development, which was known as Dot. Dot was an iPhone attachment that let people shoot videos in 360 degree sequences and upload the videos to the web for sharing.

Dot 360 degree camera for iPhone

Kogeto’s previous project, Dot, which was a small 4K free early version of Joey

According to company founder Jeff Glasse, Joey is the reason he founded his company to begin with. He wanted a free standing 360 degree camera that really delivered on video quality without problems. Now he’s finally seeing the project come to life.

As of the date of this posting, the Kickstarter campaign for the camera has been funded to the tune of ¼ and donation options go for amounts as low as $25. The final sale price hasn’t yet been specified but according to Glasse, the first production models will be sold to early backers of the company for $1,299.

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