Japanese Satellite Broadcaster JSAT Officially Launching 4K Channels in March 2015

by on October 2, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – October 2, 2014

The Japanese satellite broadcasting company JSAT, likely working in cooperation with other companies and the Japanese government, has already been testing the feasibility and mechanics of 4K channel broadcasting for some time now.

Now however, they have finally gone ahead with a firm, formal statement claiming that they will be launching two new 4k Ultra HD channels on March 1st of 2015.

The two channels will be broadcast as part of the Sky Perfect premium content service and will likely be available via an additional payment on the part of customers, although this isn’t yet confirmed. Customers who want to access the channels will need the SKY PerfecTV premium service tuners which are actually already available for sale, though other models will be coming out as the grand opening of the new 4K channels comes closer.

JSAT’s two new channels will broadcast sports, movies, music concerts and documentaries along with TV shows. They should also be the home of live or near live K-League professional football matches whenever they happen to roll around.

So far, the JSAT company has been conducting numerous trial broadcasts of the channels but despite the official release date having been declared, has not yet released details on the channels names, numbers and specific subscription fees if any.

Given that SKY Perfect JSAT is a founding member of the Next Generation Television & Broadcasting Promotion Forum (NexTV-F), the company has naturally been investing heavily in creating and providing the environment necessary for the most advanced broadcast media possible for its viewers. The development of these 4K channels is an obvious next step in broadcast development and JSAT’s efforts are being pursued with considerable technical determination given the hurdles that 4K broadcasting in general presents.

Furthermore, the JSAT 4K channel unveiling is part of a much larger and more ambitious plan by Japanese broadcasters and the Japanese government itself to make 4K and even 8K broadcasting in Japan as widespread as possible in time for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Giant UHD TV Displaying 8K resolution

8K Broadcasting is also expected to hit Japanese audiences by 2018

The Internal Affairs and Communications Ministry of Japan has already made declarations that the government plans to implement widespread test broadcasts of 4K across the country by as early as 2016 and wants to have its broadcast networks upgraded to 4K capacity as soon as possible after that.

The ultimate aim is to have a well-developed 4K channel infrastructure in time for the 2020 Olympic Games and even have limited 8K broadcasting available to select channels and locations where large public audiences will be able to see the games in the massive future resolution that provides 16 times the pixel clarity of Full HD.

JSAT’s private push in the same direction is almost certainly being conducted with encouragement from the government for the sake of advancing the wider 4K project and developing useful technical expertise along the way.

Given that Sony, the World’s largest and most dominant maker of 4K TVs and other electronics is also based out of Japan, these developments will also heavily benefit their own sales of Ultra HD TVs.

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