Is Virgin Media set to launch its new 4K UHD TiVo box on November 30th?

by on November 4, 2016

Stephan Jukic – November 4, 2016

Months after originally revealing that it was developing a new 4K version of TiVo, it seems that Virgin Media is now finally ready to release their device. This news should definitely be of some interest to 4K TV owners and Virgin Media or high-speed internet subscribers in the UK. The inclusion of 4K ultra HD video support in the new TiVo is not only a much needed new development for replacing the now out-dated old TiVo box, it’s also a necessary competitive move in a market increasingly loaded with 4K set-top boxes.

Now, to be clear, the 30th November unveiling of the 4K TiVo isn’t yet officially confirmed. However, Virgin Media has sent out invitations to their formal unveiling event on the 30th of November for a new development that the company claims is “something unmissable” and quite frankly, the best-known new tech development from Virgin that is likely to provoke such boasting would be the 4K TiVo, also known as the V6 box.


Earlier in 2016, Virgin Media spilled a financial results statement for the month of May which revealed that the company would be developing and releasing a new 4K UHD-ready TiVo at spme point in 2016. Then, later in August, Virgin also posted up a sneak peak image of the 4K UHD V6 TiVo set-top box on its Twitter account but failed to revel any further details or information on the boxes specs.

Now, we have the reveal from the media company about a 30th November event which is very likely to be the reveal date for the V6, and last major piece of the pre-release puzzle for this set-top box.

Now, while we have pictures of the V6 to guarantee its eventual and probably imminent arrival on the 4K set-top box market, what we and everyone else still lack are concrete performance and firmware specs for the new box. We likely won’t hear much on thee until Virgin formally unveils the V6 but we can be pretty sure that the new TiVo will come with HDR support, full 4K-ready HDMI connectivity and a load of streaming video features which will include new-release feature movies and other Virgin Media-provided entertainment and streaming media app options in 4K and 1080p resolutions. The new TiVo will also likely offer access to some live content in ultra HD resolution.

Furthermore, the new V6 TiVo will almost certainly come with a hefty upgrade in the number of tuners Virgin offers for the device. The company’s current TiVo unit only offers three tuners and support for HD content, and both of these specs are deeply outdated by now.

Why can we be fairly sure of all these specs? Because the TiVo V6 4K set-top box is Virgin’s direct response to the rival set-top platforms and services from Sky and its Sky Q Silver media box as well as BT Sport’s YouView box which both support very similar home entertainment options and specs. The Sky Q Silver box in particular completely puts the current HD TiVo in the dust thanks to its array of 12 tuners and, obviously, the 4K video built into it.

TiVo badly needs a 4K revamp if it wants to compete with the Sky Q set-top box pictured above

TiVo badly needs a 4K revamp if it wants to compete with the Sky Q set-top box and service

In other words, Virgin pretty much has no choice but to hurry up and offer fresh, strong competition in a set-top box market where the company’s existing rivals are all 4K-friendly.

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