Is the 4K Chromecast Ultra already being stocked at some Walmart locations?

by on October 25, 2016

Stephan Jukic – October 26, 2016

While this isn’t something confirmed concretely, according to reporting from the site Android Headlines, it seems that at least some Walmart retail outlets already have the new Google Chromecast Ultra 4K-capable streaming stick available on their shelves ahead of its release date for the Google online store and other retailers.

The new streaming media thumb drive offers the latest in HDMI connectivity and is fully compatible with 4K ultra HD content with even HDR support added in, in both the Dolby Vision and HDR10 formats. In other words, the Chromecast Ultra is remarkably robust for such a tiny little streaming dongle.

In any case, the new Google device was apparently seen in at least one Walmart retail location over this last weekend though the Reddit user who posted their find only took a photo of the price tag of the supposed Chromecast Ultra instead of also providing an image of the hardware package as a whole. This of course can be tricky since while we can’t easily know if any stores have the Chromecast Ultra in stock just yet, it’s also possible that Walmart was putting together price tags for the device’s impending release, meaning that the Reddit image could have been of just that.


Reddit User’s photo of the 4K Chromecast Ultra price at Walmart

Walmart’s own online retailing pages do indeed already have the Chromecast Ultra listed as a product along with its price tag of $69 but it’s marked as a pre-order item for now. This may not be much but it still puts Walmart on the same line as Google since the manufacturer of the dongle itself is also now listing the Ultra for pre-order for the same $69 price tag.


Walmart’s website is also claiming that the Chromecast Ultra will start shipping as of November 10th at the earliest while the Google Store doesn’t list a shipping date of any kind. Other retailers which are now also selling the new 4K Chromecast on pre-order include Best Buy, Target and Staples. We assume that all of these companies will start shipping their units on more or less the same date and if Walmart is claiming that date to be November 10th, then the 4K UHD-capable streaming dongle will almost certainly start getting sent to buyers at least very shortly after the 10th. On the other hand, even big companies sometimes come up with unexpected product delays, or in some cases they do surprise early releases, either of which could end up being the case with the compact Chromecast Ultra.

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  • Adrian Olson
    October 26, 2016 at 9:59 am

    I believe this is just the sticker,

    I had been hunting down the Mi Box at Walmart every since some folks got it early. I went to one walmart that supposedly had stock of the Mi Box and while hunting for it on the empty shelf where the Mi Box was supposed to be was a price tag for the Chromecast Ultra attached to the shelf. I confirmed they did not have any devices. This was about a week ago so at least one example where the price sticker was up but way ahead of release.


  • MikeWolf
    October 28, 2016 at 5:14 pm

    Well according to BestBuy preorder, it’s being released November 6th and delivered by November 7th. Other stores mention later dates. We’ll see what happens.


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