iPhone 7 to come with 4K video improvements and other cool new features according to leak

by on August 7, 2016

Stephan Jukic – August 7, 2016

According to a recently leaked video of the upcoming and expectantly awaited iPhone 7 phone, we can expect three different models of what will be the Apple flagship phone and two of those models will be different variations of the same 5.5 inch display size. Aside from this, we can expect some other distinct camera features per larger phone if the leak is to be believed.

The video, which was first found on YouTube by the Dutch technology website, seems to originate from a Japanese YouTube account by the name of “Bshop Kuwa”, which seems to correspond to an iPhone store in the country, giving a bit more credibility to the leak.

In any case, while watching the video, we can see three different phones of three different colors and while one is a smaller 4.7 inch model the other two are 5.5 inch versions. What’s interesting is that while both 5.5 inch devices are the same size, each has its own distinct looking camera, with one 5.5 inch model sporting a dual lens setup and the other a more typical looking single lens design just like the 4.7 inch phone model.

More interestingly still, one of the rumors about the upcoming iPhone 7 was that two 5.5 inch versions with two different cameras would come out. Furthermore, the rumors stated that the two phone models would be dubbed “Plus” and “Pro”. Now, with the rather real looking video on hand on the web, these old rumors are gaining some credibility.


Basically, the video from YouTube seems to indicate that Apple is working on two different powerful camera designs for their soon-to-be flagship phone and we can likely expect at least one and probably both of these 5.5 inch phone versions to come with a 4K video recording capacity in their cameras, just as is the case with both versions of the existing iPhone 6S/6S Plus, which have a 4K video recorder good enough even to film professional documentaries and capture fashion modeling shoots.

Also noteworthy from the Bshop Kuwa video below is that the three phones shown in it all display the model number A1429, which is a plausible sequence in Apple’s known numbering scheme for its phones.

So far, aside  from additional rumors about possibly powerful new networking capacity in the iPhone 7, we don’t really know much more about the video or these phones and of course Apple itself hasn’t made any official statements with regards to the iPhone 7’s camera capacity but we’ll post anything else we do find before the expected iPhone 7 release date in mid-September 2016.

Now, here is the “leak” video itself.

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