iOS iMovie software in iPhone 6S phones and iPad Pro tablets ready for 4K video editing

by on September 18, 2015

Stephan Jukic – September 18, 2015

For owners and soon-to-be owners of the new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus phones, their devices capacity to shoot 4K video is a pretty awesome new trick courtesy of Apple. However, with the addition of 4K-ready editing software, this 4K video capture capability becomes even more awesome.

This is where the new iMovie update from Apple comes into the picture. Users of the above devices who want to not only simply shoot a 4K video sequence but also edit it in-situ so that it looks even more refined and masterful can now do so thanks to the new augmentation of iMovie.

The update switches on 4K video editing capability in the most powerful mobile devices in the Apple line, those which are capable of recording 4K ultra HD video and offers users an easy, highly flexible method of editing extra shark 4K footage while on the move with their devices. The new software update isn’t truly a professional piece of video editing software but it still delivers a remarkably refined touch to amateur movies shot in 4K and Full HD with the iPhone 6S phone series.

iMovie also works across an assortment of newer Apple display devices

iMovie also works across an assortment of newer Apple display devices

Furthermore, the software also activates 4K video editing in the iPad Pro tablet, even though this last device isn’t actually capable of capturing 4K video with its built-in camera. However, because the iPad Pro has enough power to edit multiple streams of ultra HD video, it too offers the 4K editing update to iMovie, along with some remarkable media browsing and Full HD video viewing power.

On top of these improvements, iMovie’s new update will now also let you use 3D Touch on both versions of the iPhone 6S for starting movies right from the home screen and there is also a new keyboard pairing function built into the software for hooking something like the iPad Pro’s Smart Keyboard to that particular device. Additionally, as we’d already hinted at, iMovie also comes with some very awesome capacity to handle Full HD 1080p videos at a wonderfully smooth 60 frames per second on any Apple device from the iPhone 6 upwards and the software also allows multitasking on the iPad through an iMovie extension for photos.

There, now fans of Apple products have one more powerful reason to pick up one of the company’s powerhouse new iPhone 6S phone models and try out their native 4K video shooting capability.

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