Intel’s New Core X-Series CPUs Are 18-Core 4K Capable Monsters For Pro Video Editing

by on August 14, 2017

Stephan Jukic – August 14, 2017

Intel already dominates the high-powered PC CPU market and particularly popular processors for some of today’s newest high-end laptops and PCs (particularly of the kind that come with 4K display technology) are those of the brand’s 7th Generation Core i7 models. These in particular come with a number of specs that make them ideal for handling 4K video in PC devices and not just in terms of graphics. Their support for associated codecs and 4K support technologies like HEVC and HDCP 2.2 also allow for consumer 4K content streaming in some notebooks and PCs.

Now, in keeping with the already well established leadership position in the CPU market, Intel has recently unveiled some even more monstrously powerful processors in its newest X-Series models, and they’re truly something to behold. Some of the X-Series models offer up a whopping total of 18 cores and 36 compute threads each and while they’re also going to be expensive given how much power they deliver, few rival CPUs can really match what Intel is doing with some of these processors.

Thew new socket 2066 chips will start off in the form of the i5-7640X model and from there continue up in price and sheer power to the i9-7980XE, which is the single most powerful model of the bunch at a massive 18 cores and more than double that amount of compute threads. Lower down, the X-Series come in 4, 6, 8, 10, 14 and 16 core versions at different prices. It’s also worth noting that while some of the X-Series models come with the same names as some of Intel’s Kaby Lake chips (ie: i5, i7), the X-Series are their own distinct new models, as the image below shows:


With the specs that come packed into them, the new X-Series chipsets are particularly powerful for graphics-intensive uses such as gaming and content creation most of all, depending on the model being examined. Thus, for example the four-core i7-7740X chipset with 8 threads is ideally suited for gaming in laptops and PCs while the more powerful 12, 14, 16 and 18 core models will work exceptionally well for the needs of professionals who want to do graphics rendering and video edition in 4K resolution or with other graphic enhancements. Given that 4K video and graphics editing suites today are sometimes built to take advantage of as many cores as a PC can offer them, the X-Series models from Intel are primarily designed for handling just that sort of task. Intel’s own marketing for some of the X-Series chipsets is in fact aimed squarely at high-end video content creation and virtual reality creation professionals.

As Intel’s own promotional material states it:

“With up to 18 cores and 36 threads the Intel® Core™ X-series processor family is our most powerful ever. Turn your PC into a studio: produce amazing 4K or 360-degree videos, stunning photos, or amazing music. This is the ultimate tool for gaming and virtual reality experience the power to do it all.”


The X-Series CPU lineup of chips will start becoming available as of September and their prices will range quite drastically: the cheapest i5 chip will sell for just $242 while the next-up i7 range of chips with between 4 and 8 cores will range in price from $339 to $599. The most powerful i9 models will start at 10 cores and retail for a base price of $999 but the priciest of these, which marks the top of the X-Series lineup, will feature the above-mentioned 18 cores, 36 compute threads and a price tag of $1,999.

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  • Jeff
    August 15, 2017 at 6:48 pm

    It’s hard to read something like this without thinking it has some kind of paid sponsorship. I say this because there is absolutely no mention of the competition in this space – AMD Threadripper. Threadripper (models 1920X & 1950X) comes in 12 and 16 core models that greatly undercuts the Intel X-Series on price while while exceeding performance. Now that AMD has brought competition to the High End Desktop (HEDT) market people need to know about. Intel has had a decade long run of the mid and upper range CPU that has come to an end with introduction of the Ryzen and Threadripper CPUs.


    • Stephen
      August 25, 2017 at 6:21 pm

      Hi there Jeff. I can absolutely assure you that these news pieces are never written as paid sponsorships unless we specifically mention that this is the case. If the article sounded a bit “promotional” it’s because we were focusing explicitly on Intel’s new CPUs and not those of the competition in this case. That said, the Intel models do offer some very good performance and we’ve noted this from previous coverage of devices which use them.Thus I don’t believe our positive coverage in this piece is unreasonable. Thanks for mentioning those competing models though, i’m looking into them.


  • Joe Vadilonga
    August 21, 2017 at 11:17 am

    I wouldn’t say inetl “Dominates” the high end cpu line up cough cough what about ryzen and threadripper from AMD for the same price as a i9 7800x a 10 core processor, amd offers there amd threadripper 1950x a 16 core 32 threaded beast dominates the counterpart intel chip in 90% of multithreaded workloads and therefore is a much better value than the 7800x, unless your mainly focused on single threaded workloads, but at that point I would ask you if you are only interested in single threaded workloads like gamers, where higher clockspeeds results in higher fps then I would question why you even would buy one of these chips and not just go with a i7 7700k or i5 7600k that are not only way cheaper and have motherboards that you can overclock on for only half the price and tend to overclock higher due to their lower tdp’s and therefore gain better results in gaming situations.


  • David Alan
    June 12, 2018 at 4:59 pm

    Intel has is working for New Core X-Series CPUs Are 18-Core 4K Capable Monsters for Professional Video Editing. You can also play games in this process. This is a hi-tech processor which can be used for high gaming. The new Intel 8th generation i7 processor has lots of new features in it. iT will give you a new VR Experience.


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