Insta360 Launches Powerful New Insta360 ONE 4K 360-Degree Camera With 24MP Sensor

by on August 30, 2017

Juan Carlos Ropel, August 30, 2017

Insta360, a Shenzen-based company specialized in high resolution 360-degree digital recording cameras, has just added a new action camera with 4K video to its lineup, the Insta360 One, which is capable of shooting 3840*1920 at 30fps and 2560×1280 at 60fps, both offering LOG video format as an option. The ONE shoots at a maximum of 120 FPS, while 240 FPS video is achieved algorithmically with the companion app.

With the Insta360 One camera, users can take 360-degree photos and videos in high definition, and live-stream their experiences directly onto Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social platforms, and of course, 360 footage that can be viewed in a VR headset.

Insta360 One

In addition to capturing immersive stills at an incredible 24 megapixels that’s more comparable to what a good mirrorless 4K camera can do (6912 x 3456) in insp, jpeg and RAW formats (GoPro’s Hero 5 can only manage 12 MP, for example), and shooting 4K videos, one of the camera’s most eye-catching features is its FreeCapture ability, which allows you to shoot first by locking in a 360 angle, and then capture the highlights from the phone’s app in a classic-sized 1080p video. It also stands out with its “bullet time” effect, a unique slow-motion capture mode that resembles the well-known Matrix scene when the main character Neo starts dodging bullets.

The camera has three modes of operation: shooting remotely with your phone using Bluetooth, using the ONE on its own by mounting it on an accessory or connecting it directly to your phone for seamless previews and rock-steady live-streaming.

The Insta360 ONE also comes with a built-in 6-axis gyroscopic stabilization, so the footage you capture on the ONE looks smooth even when there is a lot of action involved, and even in watery situations due to its robust waterproofing.

Insta360 One 4K action camera

You can shoot up to 70 min of continuous 360-degree action video thanks to its 820mAh battery. and the camera can be connected to via Bluetooth: BLE4.0, using a Lightning connector or a Micro-USB 2.0 input. For storage there is a SD Card slot with a max storage capacity of 128 GB.

It should be noted that Insta360 ONE is at the moment only compatible with iPhone phones, although a version compatible with Android devices is on the way.

Insta360’s new 4K action camera can be acquired at the Insta360 website, priced at $299. It comes with a micro SD card, a micro USB cable charger, the camera case and an accessory for bullet time shots. The Insta360 ONE will start shipping on September 5, with more accessories available later this year.

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