Want to see a Samsung Galaxy S6 get devastated by a Desert Eagle semi-auto in 4K?

by on May 14, 2015

Stephan Jukic – May 14, 2015

A time honored tradition around new technology has been to take it into the field, so to speak, and really lay into it with the hardest sorts of tests of its endurance that it could conceivably undergo. This applies particularly to new smartphones, since we carry them around, drop them, spill beer on them and put them through all kinds of trauma on a regular basis. Thus, with this in mind, I present to you a fascinating look at a Samsung S6 Galaxy phone that really gets put through extremes most of us (except maybe the personal phone of an organized crime figure) aren’t likely to deal with.

still shot from the 4K video of the Samsung vs. Desert Eagle video

The Samsung Galaxy S6 undergoes its ultimate toughness test….. and fails…

Specifically, you’re about to watch a Galaxy S6 phone not only get put through the usual tests of endurance that might apply to a smartphone, you’ll also get to see the little device endure the full impact velocity of a IMI Desert Eagle semi-auto handgun dropping a round into its body.

We’re not sure what caliber the shooter used but it’s likely either .357, .44 or the awesome power of .50 cartridges –any one of which has more than enough sheer, brutal impact force to destroy things much bigger and tougher than any smartphone, even a Samsung Galaxy.

Even if you think the test is pointless and ridiculously exaggerated, you might at least enjoy the following 4K ultra HD video clip for the sheer pleasure of releasing a bit of frustration for all the times your phone has pissed you off with a dying battery, frozen screen or whatever other little irritation that our smartphones often put us through.

To note, the following 4K footage of the Galaxy S6 being devastated by a Desert Eagle was shot by YouTube Channel Unbox Therapy, which is already well known for their previous videos of other high-end devices being put through the grimmest trials by destruction.

Without further ado, here is the surprisingly cinematic and almost beautiful footage of the mighty Desert Eagle vs. the Samsung Galaxy S6, in slow motion, shot with a 4K camera in full ultra HD resolution, if your PC screen is capable of displaying it.

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