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Got enough money to burn? Then go beyond ordinary 4K TV and get a private IMAX theater

by on March 4, 2015

Stephan Jukic – March 04, 2015

That’s right, if you happen to have just over 2.7 million dollars lying around for entertainment spending, then IMAX level home entertainment is right within your reach.

In the entire realm of powerhouse home entertainment systems such as ultra-big screen HD TVs, giant 4K TVs and massive home theater rooms, it’s pretty hard to one-up something like a full blown home-based IMAX cinema in your own house but this is exactly what’s being offered by a partnership between the companies Ideaworks and IMAX with their new IMAX Private Theater.

The huge piece of equipment is being made available to wealthy movie lovers in the United Kingdom for just 1.8 million pounds, or roughly 2.75 million US dollars.

Furthermore, considering the price it comes with, the system doesn’t just include the projector itself (two of them actually) it comes with a whole list of accessories.

For starters, the core of the whole setup consists of two “commercial grade” 4K projectors that promise media entertainment in both ultra High Resolution 2D and also 3D at full cinema grade 4K resolutions of 4096 x 2160 pixels. They also allow you to project both native and upscaled images of a quality and size that’s almost unbeatable in anything you’ll find outside a professional commercial cinema screen.

In addition to these two pieces of sophisticated hardware, the price tag also includes access to a library of over 200 IMAX films, both of recent and older vintage. Along with this, you get instant web-based access to new movies as they hit public cinemas through the same  “Day and Date” download system that those professional digital cinemas for the public use for their new releases.

In other words, you get a fully equipped and updated public cinema in your own private home.

An approximation of what the Dual 4K Projector IMAX Private Theatre looks like

An approximation of what the Dual 4K Projector IMAX Private Theatre looks like

Additionally, the $2.75 million dollar price tag comes with the complete design and installation of a full home theater in the room of your choice and as many seats as that room can fit included. On this, the $2.75 million price tag is quite flexible.

Finally, the system isn’t built just for IMAX movie archives and new releases in cinemas (as if this wasn’t amazing all by itself), it can also of course be used for full-blown 4K gaming and for watching standard TV in both native 4K resolution and upscaled Full HD. Thus, your next 4K stream of Game of Thrones or House of Cards from Netflix should look absolutely astounding in a way few people could hope to enjoy.

Other, more exotic features of the IMAX Private Theater include the ability to split the gigantic screen into four smaller but still enormous screens that can each show their own content such as multiple sports matches (if you can find any anywhere in 4K) and the ability to have both 2D and 3D frames on the split screens at the same time.

This huge home entertainment monster is obviously designed for the extremely rich and possibly for corporate media rooms of a more exotic type while the rest of us simply laugh and shake our heads. Nonetheless, it does offer a remarkably comprehensive package when you also factor in the fact that the system also comes with a five-year 24/7 maintenance plan as part of its price. This is handy because as anyone who’s even had to fiddle with the cables behind their hum-dum TV knows, technical stuff can get tricky and you wouldn’t even want to touch the assorted connections running through something as big as the IMAX Private Theater.

Oh yeah, and the screen is roughly 10 feet tall but it can be modified to fit a wide range of spaces.

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