Taking a look at Ikegami and NHK’s new 4K and 8K camera technology plans

by on April 2, 2015

Stephan Jukic – April 2, 2015

Following the success of its 2014 4K presentation at the NAB show, Ikegami once again hosted a technology exhibit at this year’s NAB in which the company used 8K resolution technology to get its point across and highlight new 4K and 8K ultra HD cameras, the latter of these having been used to update attendees at the company’s booth of the newest developments in the extraordinarily high resolution of Super Hi Vision 8K format.

Part of the Ikegami NAB presentation included a new 2/3 inch CMOS 4K video production camera in the Unicam line from the company. These were presented as part of the Ikegami 4K exhibit along with another technology, the Hibino Corporation’s cutting-edge real-dot full 4K (cinema grade 4K) 293-inch LED digital video display.

The point of this combination was to join Ikegami’s precision imaging technology with Hibino’s high-resolution display technology to expand the overall presentation of both companies 4K solutions.

The new Ikegami new 2/3 inch CMOS 4K video production camera in the Unicam line

The new Ikegami new 2/3 inch CMOS 4K video production camera in the Unicam line

The newest addition to the Ikegami line of 4K UHD shooting cameras is part of the company’s wider effort to move 4K shooting forward as one of its major product divisions. And in this regard, the manufacturer is taking the project quite seriously given that they’re also working together with the Japanese state broadcaster NHK in preparation for the upcoming 2016 Olympics in Rio De Janeiro, which at least some of the Japanese broadcasters present will be filming in 4K and possibly even experimental 8K resolutions in run-up testing for their plans to entirely film the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in full-blown 4K resolution for widespread live broadcasting.

Furthermore, these plans also include preparations for at least partial 8K filming of the 2020 Olympic Games and it is likely that for this reason, Ikegami used the 2015 NAB show to let viewers see how 8K Super Hi Vision Display looks with the giant 293 inch screen from Hibino. Super Hi Vision is the same ultra HD technology that NHK and other Japanese broadcasters plan on utilizing for their 8K broadcasting plans down the road in the near future.

NHK itself was also present at the 2015 NAB show these last couple days at its own booth, where the Japanese Government funded broadcaster showed off the array of broadcasting technologies it plans on using for near-future 4K and 8K transmissions.

In May of 2012, NHK was the first company in the world to broadcast a functional terrestrial 8K video signal to a receiving station and video display 26 miles away.

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