The ICC Cricket World Cup is going to be a very special event for 4K resolution: Broadcasters promising an extravaganza

by on February 19, 2015

Stephan Jukic – February 19, 2015

The ICC Cricket World Cup is going to involve a number of milestones for 4K ultra HD broadcasting. While production of the overall World Cup is being done in Full HD resolution format through the use of numerous creative shooting techniques that use Ultramotion cameras, spidercams and even a drone camera during the knockout matches, seven matches will also be covered in 4K with the latest professional ultra HD video production cameras.

This will be the first ever incidence of a cricket match being covered through the use of cutting edge 4K recording equipment and, even more importantly, it will be one of the first occasions ever in which a major international sporting event will be broadcast live in 4K to a wide audience.

Star Sports will be broadcasting seven of the Cricket matches, including the semi-finals and the final in full 4K resolution and delivering them to a wide audience of millions of viewers who have the TVs necessary to view content in native 4K.

Overall, the live coverage of the Cricket World Cup also includes more than 30 commentators, including a number of past Cricket World Cup winners and legends of the game from several participating countries. In addition to this and the innovative new filming and broadcasting technologies being used, the 2015 ICC World Cup is expected to be the most widely broadcast and heavily viewed Cup in the history of the game.

Cricket gets the 4K live broadcast treatment for the first time ever

Cricket gets the 4K live broadcast treatment for the first time ever

The chief broadcaster, Star Sports and all of its licensees are extending coverage broadly enough so that 2.5 billion people can view the entire series of matches –played across 14 different venues in Australia and New Zealand– from numerous angles, in HD and 4K resolution.

The scale of the overall broadcast is such that 4 different production teams with 7 state-of-the-art technology kits will be covering action from each of the 49 games of the entire Cricket World Cup in all 14 of the different stadiums to be used across Australia and New Zealand during the 44 days of the Cup.

In addition to live TV broadcast coverage in both HD and 4K resolution, there are live online streaming broadcasts of the World Cup, made available on the digital channels owned by the same official broadcasters who are delivering the matches to TVs. Star Sports, for example, is streaming the matches live though its website to territories where TV coverage isn’t available.

4k broadcasts of the 2014 FIFA world CUP were also delivered to live audiences by Sony and a number of international broadcast partners but the size of their audience was limited to a small selection of lucky viewers at select cinemas. These ICC Cricket Word Cup broadcasts in 4K will have a much broader scope.

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