Hubsan’s New Zino Folding Drone Coming with 4K Camera and Fantastic Pricing

by on October 24, 2018


Stephan Jukic – October 24, 2018

Fantastic specs, beautiful build and ultra HD video in UAV drones have never been cheaper with the unveiling of Hubsan’s new Zino drone. The little device comes with a listing of specs that comfortably compete even with recognized devices like DJI’s Mavic Air while costing just half as much.

That’s right, the Hubsan Zino is retailing for only $369 and in exchange for this, you’ll get your hands on 4K UHD video at up to 30fps, a wide angle camera with gimbal stabilization and a range of automated flight, control and recording features. The Zino also comes with goodies like visual tracking and follow mode.

Of course all of these features at such a low price aren’t just the result of the manufacturer’s generosity. The drone market has advanced at a breakneck pace in recent years and thanks to a full range of dedicated manufacturers, it’s competitive as well as well. The absolute leader in this market may still be DJI because its drones are simply excellent and usually cutting edge, with next-level technology and remarkable user control features, but manufacturers like Hubsan are gaining serious traction with UAVs like the Zino.


This little drone probably doesn’t quite match anything like DJI’s Mavic 2 Pro drone in terms of overall quality but it comes very close based on what we’re hearing, and it manages to do so at a price that forgives a few technical quibbles.

The Zino is a foldable drone and thus comes with a build that’s remarkably similar to those of many other such devices (including DJI’s own Mavic UAVs, which pretty much started this design trend). What it does offer is a light body that weighs in at just 24 oz, a respectable 23 minute flight time and a remarkably decent maximum speed of just under 40 miles per hour. There’s also a compact controller that you can attach your smartphone to for a visual view of what the drone is capturing.

As for the Zino’s recording chops, they’re also quite robust, with a 4K UHD gimbaled camera that offers a F2.2 aperture, a 89 degree viewing angle that we consider to be quite reasonable, and a maximum shooting speed of 30fps in full 2160P resolution. Higher frame rates are of course available if lower resolutions like 720P and 1080P. The Zino also comes with GPS navigation and stabilization, a pre-programmed waypoint navigation system and can do circling shots through its “point of interest” feature. Other pre-loaded navigation specs include visual tracking and following for objects you select through your smartphone screen.

On the other hand, the Hubsan Zino’s maximum altitude/distance from controller is set at only 1 kilometer (just over half a mile) and on this front the Zino lags far behind folding drones like DJI’s Mavic devices, which can be navigated from several times that distance under ideal line-of-sight conditions. However, most people probably wouldn’t want to fly an $800-$1000 drone from over a mile away anyhow, so for plenty of hobby-minded users, short control distance might not be a problem in the Zino.

Again, the Hubsan Zino is going on pre-order for just $369, so even if it’s instruction manuals aren’t exactly written in the world’s most grammatically correct English and it’s build isn’t absolutely on par with what DJI offers, users are still getting a very decent hobby deal here. Hubsan is selling the Zino directly right now but when it starts shipping, other retailers will to, albeit at a slightly higher price of $399.

Here’s a video of the Zino in action:

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