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How To Stream Super Bowl 52 Free In HD & Maybe 4K UHD

by on January 23, 2018
Stephan Jukic – January 23, 2018

Okay fine, so we can’t guarantee completely quite yet that you’ll be able to stream Super Bowl LII in 4K UHD, because there isn’t even a guarantee quite yet that Super Bowl LII will even be available for streaming or broadcast anywhere in 4K resolution. However, what we can do is explain how to stream this game from either the U.S or anywhere in the world with a minimum of hassle and possibly even for free. The guide below applies to Super Bowl LII regardless of whether it becomes available in HD or in 4K ultra HD via some provider or another, though we think that any 4K HDR broadcasts of then game will be strictly pay-per-view or via some subscription service which charges a monthly fee for delivering content right to your 4K TV.

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So, moving down to the nitty gritty of the matter, Super Bowl LII (52), the single biggest sports event of the year, will be kicking off at 6:30 PM Eastern Time (3:30 PM Pacific Time) on Sunday February 4th, 2018 in the belly of U.S Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota and it’s likely to be one of the single most watched TV broadcasts in history at that. No wonder that the half time advertising space sells for a solid 7 million plus dollars.

If you’re a football fan, this is obviously THE major sports event to keep on the radar for the year and without a doubt one of the best for organizing one hell of a get-together at home with friends, booze and food.

For those of you who are planning this and already have your Super Bowl broadcast/streaming source staked out, great, congratulations, enjoy the kickoff and try not to spill anything on the remote.

For those of you who want to know about assorted online free streaming sources for Super Bowl LII, well, you’ve come to the right post. Here’s a breakdown of exactly how you can watch the game via which sources and on what devices or platforms for free.

Super Bowl LII Free for U.S Viewers

If you happen to be located in the U.S and want the 52nd Super Bowl for free on one of your mobile devices, you’re in luck on the number of options you’ve got at hand. Starting these off, we have Verizon ,which will be streaming the game along with other NFL matches through its online portals such as Yahoo Sports. All mobile users from pretty much any network will be able to watch Super Bowl LII through this particular source though it won’t be viewable on desktops, web connected TVs or even tablets possibly. Even casting to secondary screens (such as from your phone to your TV) is possibly going to be disabled. This last possibility is indeed annoying but blame the networks and their endless arbitrary, (arguably idiotic at times) restrictions on how content can be viewed for restricting free streams so much.

So far we’re also not sure if the NFL will be streaming Super Bowl LII to YouTube or Facebook live, though we’re hopeful.

Other U.S options include NBC’s live stream of Super Bowl LII to its own website and via its NBC sports app. Again this will be free of charge and the NBC sports app is available on a whole pile of streaming media devices such as Amazon Fire TV streamers, the Chromecast, (and Chromecast Ultra 4K model), Xbox consoles and Roku streaming devices. It’s also available for both iOS and Android mobile platforms. Presumably, NBC’s broadcast will be open only to registered users and subscribers of their services, but we might get lucky and see them open the Super Bowl wide open to anyone. They did this in 2015 so this year might bring the same policy.

Even if NBC blocks the Super Bowl off to non-subscribers of their services, there are simple ways around this. For one thing, a number of U.S streaming services such as YouTubeTV offer NBC Sports as part of their bundle, and if you have a free trial with them, coincidentally right around the Super Bowl, well you’re in luck. Other sources for viewing Super Bowl LII streaming like this are PlayStation Vue, DirecTV Now, Fubo TV, Hulu with Live TV and Sling.

Super Bowl 52 Youtube TV, streaming

Non-U.S readers of the above might be annoyed that none of it applies to them. Well not exactly. While it’s true that all of the above streaming content options for getting the Super Bowl on your mobile device are restricted to people with U.S IP addresses, changing these is the easiest thing in the world on the internet. You can simply hire a VPN service, set your new anonymous IP to a U.S location and you’re good to go for the kick off on February 4th.

A VPN service will help you with the above step, but before we get to how you can do that, her’es a rundown of major official re-broadcasters of Super Bowl LII in other regions of the world.

Super Bowl LII Official (probably pay-to-use) broadcast sources For Overseas viewers

Before we go further, the following is a list of official re-broadcasters for Super Bowl LII in select regions outside the U.S. Some of these will mean you have to pay extra to view the game but if you want to keep things simple by paying, happen to have access to one of them and possibly even already have an existing subscription, then you’re good to go in your corner of the world. Otherwise, read the paragraphs below this:

  • Canada:
  • Dazn
  • CTV
  • CTV 2
  • TSN
  • Africa:
  • Super Sports
  • Zuku
  • Australia:
  • Foxtel
  • Seven Networks
  • France:
  • W9
  • India:
  • Sony
  • Ten
  • Sony Six
  • China:
  • TBC

The above are just some of the worldwide options for official Super Bowl LII broadcasts. The full list spans about 170 countries and several languages, and for many of those, you can also check out the NFL’s own website to see how this works for your region of the world.

Super BowlLII free streaming

Watching The Super Bowl Free Worldwide

If you want to get the Super Bowl without paying anything extra and subscribing to a service you wouldn’t otherwise use, and you happen to live outside the U.S, then the following steps are for you:

  1. Clear your browser cache and cookies from the browser you most use (and from any other browsers you use too just to be safe).
  2. Hook yourself up to a VPN service. We recommend any of the following. They all provide the essentials you’ll need, broad device compatibility, support for a wide range of streaming services and great speed even if you’re using a really large broadband internet connection. This last quality will be useful for making sure that Super Bowl broadcast stays crisp and clear, with no buffering or blurring in a crucial moment.
  3. Point your VPN towards a U.S-based server (most VPN services will give you clear indications on how to do this)
  4. Sign up for a 30 day free trial of YouTubeTV through the same browser you’re using your VPN on and make sure that you open the confirmation email you get from YouTubeTV with the U.S-pointed VPN still active.
  5. Go ahead and open up your YouTubeTV app on that special day and get ready to enjoy the game. Just make sure you’ve activated your VPN and have it set to a U.S IP address before opening up the YouTubeTV app.

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