This is just how cheap professional 4K video production can be with Holdan’s off-the-shelf three camera 4K studio set-up

by on March 11, 2015

Stephan Jukic – March 11, 2015

One of the more interesting features at this year’s Broadcast Video Expo in London, England this year was the Blackmagic powered off-the-shelf three camera 4K studio video production setup that’s based around Blackmagic kit technology.

The relatively compact unit, which contains a wide assortment of camera and editing equipment that just a year ago would have cost several tens of thousands of dollars can now be bought for the remarkably light price of just $30,800 USD or £20,000.

When you consider the amount of equipment and capacity featured in this kit, this price tag is quite remarkable. Just a year or two ago, a single professional video production camera from Blackmagic or RED would have cost as much as this entire package, which comes with three cameras.

In effect, the Holdan kit is showing us just how far along the rapid progress of the price and performance curve of professional 4K video production systems has moved.

While small, consumer grade 4K video camera equipment is getting cheaper all the time, professional grade rigs have typically remained expensive and many of the best 4K pro video cameras on sale even now still cost well above 15 to 20,000 dollars.

The Holdan Blackmagic kit is working to change that tendency and it really makes a solid attempt at doing so.

A 4K Blackmagic Design Studio Camera

A 4K Blackmagic Design Studio Camera

The following is what you get with this $30,000 package:

  • 3 4K ultra HD Blackmagic Design Studio Cameras (built into a 19” Rack case)
  • Blackmagic Design SmartScope Duo 4K
  • Backmagic Design SmartVideohub 12 x 12
  • Blackmagic Design Hyperdeck Studio Pro
  • Blackmagic Design ATEM 1 M/E Produuction Studio 4K
  • Blackmagic Design ATEM Studio Converter
  • Blackmagic Design SmartView 4K
  • 3 x FieldCast 2Core SM UL 100
  • Thebrikmill FiberBrik Panel
  • Thebrikmill Fiberbrik Adapter for studio camera
  • 3 x Panasonic H-HPS14042E
  • Noise cancelling headset

With this massively equipped kit, just about the only thing that isn’t included is the live film crew. Holdan has really put together a serious professional video production package and done so using some hardware from well-known brands in the video production industry. The company has taken a 19” inch rack and made it into a kit that’s fully equipped to be a full-blown portable ultra HD production unit. Camera control is centralized in this single unit, right along with signal switching and routing, recording, monitoring and crew communications as well.

The overall result here is a 4K video unit that’s not only highly capable for almost any situation but also extremely portable for widespread field use.

Furthermore, the studio suite that comes with this package is connected to the three Blackmagic cameras through three 300 foot fiber optic cables that allow two way video and high degrees of on-shoot flexibility.

Even better still, the entire unit can be set up by a professional crew in just a few minutes.

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