Hitachi to come out with affordable Roku 4K TVs later this year

by on July 1, 2016

Stephan Jukic – July 1, 2016

For those of you who might already be familiar with Roku’s TV smart platform and also on the market for an affordable 4K TV, Hitachi might have just what you’re after.

Hitachi America, Ltd has put together a licensing deal with Roku and as a result, the company’s select TV models will offer Roku TV later in the year.

The expected release date for the new TV models is some time in the fall and the lineup will include several smart TVs of assorted display sizes, with 4K ultra HD and HD resolutions, and all models running the Roku OS smart platform.

The announcement of these impending TV releases was made this Thursday, June 29th by Roku TV’s General Manager, Chas Smith, who revealed in a blog post that his company was working in tandem with Hitachi America towards the impending launch of the Hitachi Roku TV.

According to Smith,

“Hitachi Roku TV models will feature a simple, personalized home screen, 3,000+ streaming channels and powerful search and discovery features. Both HD and 4K Ultra HD Hitachi Roku TV models in a variety of screen sizes will be available this fall”

This deal makes Hitachi the third TV manufacturer to arrange for the Roku TV platform to be installed in their 4K and HD TVs. Other previous agreements that Roku has made include for smart platform inclusion include partners like TCL, Insignia (owned by Best Buy) and Haier.

While the quality of these TVs themselves may end up being slightly variable, the Roku smart platform itself has an established reputation for user friendliness and robust content access. Users of 4K TVs with Roku TV in them can access the media company’s streaming channels and large collection of 4K content apps like Netflix, Amazon and others as well as other media sources without having to also buy the Roku 4 4K streaming media set-top box.

Roku's smart TV platform is known for featuring a robust selection of 4K content apps

Roku’s smart TV platform is known for featuring a robust selection of 4K content apps

In fact, this is possibly the biggest single selling point of these TVs since the Roku 4 has been lauded by reviewers and users alike for its usability, features and rich collection of content offerings. Much of the same benefits come included in the Roku TV platform as well.

A Hitachi executive Bill Whalen has pointed out

“Roku offers us everything we need in a smart TV solution — a cost-effective way to produce great TVs that run a powerful operating system, access to a compelling streaming channel store and software features that make it easy for consumers to find and discover entertainment,”

Moving beyond the Roku details for the TVs, we don’t yet have any detailed specs about the televisions themselves quite yet. Neither Roku or Hitachi have revealed any information about display sizes, prices and other characteristics to the new TVs. So far we only know that some of these TVs will feature 4K ultra HD display resolution and others will come with Full HD resolution.

However, if Roku TV 4K television offerings from rival brands like TCL are anything to go by, the new 4K TVs will be well on the affordable side of the price spectrum and will come in a wide range of display sizes. TCL’s Roku TV models range in size from just 24 inches (HD model) to a hefty 65 inches and the smaller 4K models among these TVs cost comfortably less than $1000.

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