Hitachi Kokusai Releases 4K Video Production Camera with a Powerful and Innovative New Feature

by on September 3, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – September 3d, 2014

Hitachi Kokusai Electric, Inc has developed and recently released the SK-UHD4000. This is a new broadcast 4K Ultra HDTV video production camera for professional studio use. And while it competes on the market with a number of different offerings from companies like Sony, RED, Panasonic and Canon, the new Hitachi video camera features one very interesting specification that should make it very useful with cinematographers all over the world who are slowly moving toward adoption of 4K film cameras.

What the SK-UHD4000 can do is make use of the 2/3-inch B4 mount lenses used in conventional HD broadcast cameras of all sorts.

What this means for users of the SK-UHD4000 is that broadcasters who use it can effectively make use of all of their original existing HD lenses without the need to spend on expensive and varied special conversion adapters for 4K.

Broadcasters can in effect continue with the comfort and familiarity of their existing HD lenses with all the accompanying easy handling and operability of the newest kinds of broadcast cameras that is found in the UHD9000. And they can do all of this while shooting 4K video at a lower cost thanks to the lack of need for new lenses or lens adapters.

The SK-UHD9000 is an innovative broadcast 4K Ultra HDTV camera that makes 4K production easy, relatively straightforward and much more cost effective than ever before in a professional setting.

It comes with a number of settings that are ideal for live sports broadcasts and other otdoor shooting in varied lighting conditions thanks to its powerful settings for light sensitivity and depth of field.

The UHD9000 comes equipped with the highly flexible new 2/3-inch MOS sensor, which is capable of high image resolution and sensitivity while keeping power consumption to an efficient minimum.

Because the camera has a 2/3 inch prism, optical characteristics such as depth of field and focus are identical to those of a 2/3 inch HD production camera. This is the core of the UHD9000’s compatibility with HD lenses while shooting 4K with the same level of ease.

Furthermore, the camera can be used to in combination with conventional HD camera accessories like studio adopters for the mounting of high zoom studio lenses.

As for the 4K abilities of the UHD9000, it can handle full 3,840 X 2,160 resolution at 60 frames per second and is also capable of dual simultaneous output of separate HD and 4K signals, making the camera ideal for dual-format video productions.

Best of all, for field use where cable connections won’t be easy to find, the UHD9000 uses power at a rate comparable to that of a conventional HD camera despite its heavier UHD video processing needs.

Hitachi will be unveiling and presenting this innovative new 4K professional production camera at the massive IBC media industry convention in Amsterdam during September.

The IBC 2014 Convention in Amsterdam

The IBC 2014 Convention in Amsterdam

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