Hitachi debuts its advanced Ultra HD 4K Video production camera, the SK-UHD4000 in the Middle East

by on February 11, 2015

Stephan Jukic – February 11, 2015

Hitachi Kokusai Electric’s Turkey division will be doing its first Middle East showcase of its SK-UHD4000 4K ultra HD professional broadcast camera system at this year’s CABSAT 2015.

The camera, which is one of the most advanced 4K videography cameras on the market today, was first introduced all the way back in IBC 2014 last year. Specifically, the UHD4000 provides some of the markets most advanced UHD filming capabilities and also comes with a highly straightforward upgrade pathway because it’s capable of using the 2/3-inch B4 mount lenses that are also commonly used in normal HD broadcast cameras.

This 4KUHD TO conventional HD lens flexibility alone is an extremely unique feature that isn’t found in virtually any other 4K video production system. Furthermore, it enables the camera to function in a broader variety of settings without the need for special conversion adapters, meaning that broadcasters can also use their own existing lenses while shooting video at 4K resolution and thus keep the easy handling of broadcast cameras that they already know and use in more common HD settings.

According to Cemal Ymaz, general manager of Hitachi Kokusai Turkey, “The SK-UHD4000 is our most advanced camera system: an innovative 4K ultra-HDTV camera that makes it easy to produce programs shot in 4K resolution which is forecast to become the industry standard in the near future”.

Yimaz also explained that the camera offers numerous effective solutions to challenges inherent in live sports broadcasts in highly mobile outdoor settings where sensitivity and depth of filed become extremely important.

the Hitachi SK-UHD4000 professional 4K video production camera

the Hitachi SK-UHD4000 professional 4K video production camera

The UHD4000 comes with a specialized Hitachi 2/3-inch MS sensor that makes it possible to produce video imagery with a high degree of sensitivity and finely detailed resolution The camera can also do this and its other tasks while using much less power than many rival 4K video production systems of similar caliber.

Furthermore, the 2/3-inch B4 lens mount is highly innovative in its ability to let broadcasters use all sorts of existing lens stock for filming on the fly without having to accommodate their skills to entirely new Hitachi lenses. Because the camera also has a 2/3 inch prism, its optical characteristics, like depth of field and focus are on par with those of conventional 2/3 inch HD broadcast cameras. Despite this, 4K resolution can be produced as easily as normal HD programming with the UHD4000.

Other standard HD features that can also be used with the camera include studio adapters for mounting up high-magnification studio lenses.

Finally, the cameras battery capacity also deserves further mention. The UHD4000 utilizes Hitachi’s assorted proprietary technologies for digital video signaling, optical transmission and power usage in the most efficient ways possible. Combined, these technologies cause this massive, powerful 4K UHD camera to use much less power than is normally the case for such rigs. In fact, the total power consumption can be reduced down to only 38W, which is about the same as the power drain a user would get from an ordinary 1080p Full HD rig of the same size.

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