Hispasat is launching an Exclusive Short Film Festival, just for 4K ultra HD films

by on July 15, 2015

Stephan Jukic – July 15, 2015

The Spanish satellite broadcasting operator Hispasat has announced that it will be launching what it calls the Hispasat 4K International Festival, which is being organized in Spain and is being played as an open competition in which films produced in any country in the world can be introduced with any genre in mind, so long as they follow two essential rules: they have to be of 20 minutes duration or less and they have to have been filmed in 4K ultra HD resolution of one kind or another. The call for entries began as of July 14th and will continue on to September the 23d.

4K resolution can mean either 4K ultra HD (also known as Quad HD) at a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels or “True” Cinema Grade 4K at a resolution of 4096 x 2160 pixels.

The contenders who submit their films can look forward to the potential of winning one of the five awards that will be handed out. The five lucky films to win at the 4K Festival will have their movies shown at the closing night ceremony on November 12 at the Callao Cinema in Madrid.

Furthermore, several companies including 4K display and digital entertainment technology giants like Samsung and Dolby, as well as RTVE, Callao City Lights cinema in Madrid and producer Heavents, are all participating in the Hispasat 4K International Festival and have cooperated together to make the whole event possible.

Furthermore, the festival organizers are collaborating with some of Spain’s most prestigious film schools and Latin America with the students of schools in both regions being able to contribute their own films to the competition.

both highly affordable 4K DSLR cameras and pro 4K video shooters like this Sony F65 can be used for the Hispasat short film festival

both highly affordable 4K DSLR cameras and pro 4K video shooters like this Sony F65 can be used for the Hispasat short film festival

The broad range of 4K ultra HD cameras that contenders could possibly use for their specific video productions is vast and can include both amateur but still excellent 4K DSLRs that can shoot some spectacular ultra HD footage under a simplified range of options and professional cinema grade 4K video production cameras like those from the ARRI, RED or BlackMagic ranges of 4K cameras. Thus as far as budget constraints for festival contenders go, they can actually be pretty small. While pro 4K cinema cameras can cost several tens of thousands of dollars with accessories included, many smaller 4K DSLRS can be used to make excellent, pro looking video despite a price of less than $1500.

The Hispasat festival is an excellent opportunity for camera manufacturers to get free exposure for their different products.

Hispasat itself is no stranger to 4K video production and distribution, given that the company has broadcast its Hispasat 4K TV channel as a free-to-air service in Europe since September of 2013 and in North America since early 2014. The company has plans for expanding the range of its 4K content while also moving into South America as well.

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