Hisense USA unveils several new 4K HDR TVs, starting at 65 inches and $1000

by on October 10, 2016

Stephan Jukic – October 10, 2016

Hisense has unveiled a feature-packed roster of new LCD 4K UHD TVs for the end of 2016 and some of them are downright enormous. Many of these new editions to the company’s US-based 4K TV lineup are also the first Hisense 4K TVs so far to be released in sizes of 65 inches or larger by Hisense, with one of them, the most expensive and advanced model measuring out at a whopping 100 inches.

According to Jerry Liu, CEO of Hisense Americas,

“At Hisense, we are dedicated to continually pushing the envelope with innovative design, technology and value to the consumer. It only makes sense that as we continue to grow our presence in the United States, we bring our approach to affordable luxury to the larger screen television categories as well.”}

Affordable luxury indeed. We’ll have to wait until we can actually review one of these new TV models before reaching a verdict on just how well they stack up against more established rival models from the core brands Samsung, Sony, LG and Vizio, or against extra-cheap budget 4K TV models from Sharp or Hitachi (several of which are coming out in October with Roku TV built into them). However for now, the specs we’re seeing for the new Hisense 4K HDR models definitely pique some interest.

The new 4K TV selections from Hisense consists of a couple new TV series of different quality levels.

The 65 inch H8 HDR 4K TV from Hisense

The 65 inch H8 HDR 4K TV from Hisense

Let’s start with the four new models under the company’s H8 series of UHD TVs. The first and cheapest of the TVs by far is the 65 inch model at $1000, followed by a 70 inch TV for just $2,500, a 75 incher for $3,000 and a giant 86 inch model which will retail for $6,000. Then in addition to these models there will be the radically designed 100 inch monster of a 4K HDR display device with laser display technology, but we’ll get back to this special edition “Laser TV” in a bit.

All of these new H8 Series models will come with 4K HDR10 high dynamic range compatibility and the 65 and 75 inch TVs will come with edge-lit backlighting which includes local dimming technology. The 70 and 86 inch models will on the other hand offer direct-lit full-array LED backlighting and also come with local dimming but of the full-array type which is normally much better than its edge-lit version. Furthermore, Hisense is claiming that all of the TVs will also offer wide color gamut with more than 83% of DCI-P3 color space coverage, though WCG in premium 2016 HDR10 4K TVs is normally rated as such only after it reaches 90% DCI-P3 coverage.

After the H8 TVs, there are the new H9 models. Of these there will only be one 65 inch model but it comes with the company’s supposedly superior ULED backlighting technology. Nonetheless, this is still an edge-lit 4K TV despite its promises of local dimming and it too comes with 83% or better DCI-P3 Wide Color Gamut coverage, HDR10 support and a price tag of $1,700.

One of the brand's H9 4K TVs

One of the brand’s H9 4K TVs

Finally, among the normally-sized models, we have the 70 inch H10 series ULED 4K HDR TV. This model is set for an “early 2017 release” and definitely kicks things up a notch with full-array LED backlighting and a total of 320 local dimming zones, which is impressive indeed. Furthermore, the H10 comes with Ultra HD Premium certification from the UHD Alliance and thus obviously enough also comes with HDR10 certification and 90%+ wide color gamut DCI-P3 color space coverage. The H10 also includes quantum dot technology, and what Hisense claims will be some very robust audio power. Consequently, this premium 4K HDR TV from the company is quite a bit pricier at $3,500 and definitely competes with the top-shelf models of the better-known major brands like Samsung and Sony in terms of price and features. We’ll have to see if the H10’s practical display quality matches its impressive sounding feature list.

Now, moving back to the 100 inch monster 4K “TV” we mentioned above, Hisense could definitely call this model its absolute cutting-edge flagship 4K TV for a totally different level of consumer preference. The so-called “Laser-TV” basically works as a sort of 4K TV/projector hybrid device in that it uses a short-throw projector to display a 4K picture which measures out at 100 inches. Hisense is promising full HDR processing, UHD upscaling and 5.1 surround speaker system inclusion in the Laser TV. Basically, this is a 4K projector with the basic form of a giant 4K TV being used to justify its name. How it stacks up in terms of performance against serious and high quality 4K home theater projectors from Sony or Epson is something we’ll have to see in live tests when the Laser TV comes out in the summer of 2017 for a reported price tag of $12,999.

the Hisense "Laser TV" 4K HDR projection system

the Hisense “Laser TV” 4K HDR projection system

Aside from the “Laser TV” projector, all of the H8, H9 and H10 4K UHD HDR TVs from Hisense are going to be on sale as of “early 2017”. Hisense hasn’t yet specified an exact release date beyond this.

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