Hisense’s Ultra Affordable New Cord-Cutter 4K HDR Roku TVs Go On Sale

by on September 19, 2017

Stephan Jukic – September 19, 2017

The Roku TV smart platform is one that we’ve greatly appreciated in pretty much every device we’ve seen it in so far. This includes some recently released and excellent 4K HDR TVs from brands like TCL and smart TV set-top boxes from Roku itself. Basically, whenever Roku TV is in a TV, you’re at least guaranteed great smart platform quality in that particular device.

With this in mind, Hisense’s newly unveiled R6 4K Roku televisions definitely look intriguing. They’re highly affordable, come with cutting edge HDR technology and Roku TV is their built-in smart platform, guaranteeing access to a huge load of streaming media apps for both 4K HDR movies and other types of content. We’re not exaggerating on selection here either: Roku TV in all the physical devices it’s found on gives its users integrated and pretty much immediate access (taking aside sign-up for specific in-app pricing schedules and subscriptions) to a total of roughly 5000 different streaming media app “channels” for a total of roughly 500,000 movies, TV shows, documentaries and other types of video programming between them. Obviously the vast majority of this content isn’t actually in native 4K but most of it should render very smoothly on the R6 models and their native 4K screens with upscaling integration.

Hisense Unveils New Ultra Affordable Cord-Cutter 4K HDR Roku TV Models

As far as their physical specs go, the new Hisense R6 models also happen to come with direct-lit LED backlighting for their display illumination. This technology is generally considered to be superior to most edge-lit backlighting systems in the 4K TVs we’ve reviewed and observed due to the reduced light bleed and halo effects it produces. Beyond these crucial specs, the R6 delivers full 4K ultra HD resolution, the standard feature of non-4K content upscaling technologies for all those sources of HD and 1080p entertainment you’re likely to watch with it and also comes with the decent benefit of DTS Studio Sound technology.

Best of all however (aside from their Roku TV smart platform) the Hisense R6 4K HDR TV models are quite impressively cheap for all the features they come packed with. The 50 inch version is retailing for just $450, the 55 inch model for a very reasonable $550 and the hefty 65 inch version sells for a really nice price of $800. This is very affordable for a 65 inch 4K ultra HD TV with HDR integration. All of the new TVs are now selling from Hisense’s U.S.A website.

As a final bonus, these new TVs are pretty attractive looking models too, with a nice metallic bezel finish and thin display edges.

Hisense Unveils New Ultra Affordable Cord-Cutter 4K HDR Roku TV Models

Here are some summarized core specs details for these cool new 2017 4K HDR television models

  • 50″ MSRP: $449.99
  • 55″ MSRP: $549.99
  • 65″ MSRP: $799.99
  • HDR*
  • Motion rate 120 (Basically native 60Hz refresh rate)
  • Runs the Roku OS
  • UHD Upscaler
  • Direct LED backligting
  • 4K digital media player
  • DTS Studio Sound audio
  • Roku 4K Spotlight Channel
  • 5,000+ streaming channels
  • 500,000+ movies and TV episodes
  • Live TV Pause
  • Private listening and voice search via Roku mobile app
  • Headphone jack (wired)

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