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Here’s how Dish Network is preparing for 4K broadcasts of the 2016 Rio Olympics

by on August 5, 2016

Stephan Jukic – August 5, 2016

For subscribers to the Dish Network who want to watch the NBC Universal multi-platform full coverage of the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Summer Olympic Games, there are a number of different viewing options available, but the one which is quite possibly the most visually stunning would almost certainly be 4K ultra HD resolution that has been crisply, beautifully downscaled from massive 8K production video recordings of key events from these 2016 Summer Games.

While the NBC Universal Olympic coverage amounts to a huge total of more than 6,750 hours of recorder competitions, sessions, ceremonies and all sorts of accessory Olympic Event content, the total amount of 4K footage will be relatively small in comparison. However, for those of you who do happen to have a 4K ultra HD TV and a subscription to Dish UHD services, the following might be useful for getting a chance to watch what the Network delivers in ultra HD from NBC’s coverage.

The Dish 4K Joey set-top box

The Dish 4K Joey set-top box

Dish Hopper 3 and 4K Joey customers will be able to view the NBC 4K content coverage in native resolution on a linear channel and also via video-on-demand if they so choose to. In both cases, the coverage in 4K won’t be live and will come with at least a 24 hour time delay before its prepared delivery but given the qualities this new level of resolution brings to sports content in particular, the small wait might be worth it for particular sports highlights., especially since, from what we’ve heard, the Dish 4K Olympic content will also be available in high dynamic range, which means seriously richer colors and far more realistic contrast levels, at least for those who watch the Games from Dish on a 4K HDR TV.

The Dish Hopper 3 DVR box with 4K capacity

The Dish Hopper 3 DVR box with 4K capacity

In any case, the one-day-delay coverage will mean that the 4K recordings consistently show video from the previous day, provided daily and looped in three hour intervals between the 7th and 22nd of August –one day after the 2016 Olympics conclude. Again, this programming will be available on-demand and as satellite broadcast content for users of Dish’s 4K Joey or Hopper 3 DVR boxes.

For the Hopper 3, Dish will be enabling the DVR’s “Sports Bar Mode” so that users can have a multi-channel view which allows for single screen 4K viewing or four smaller HD screens on a single TV display, each in their own quadrant. Users can then pick which of the four plays audio in any given moment.

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