Just $300 For a 55 Inch Brand New 4K UHD TV In This Limited Best Buy Discount

by on January 21, 2019
Stephan Jukic – January 21, 2019

It’s Martin Luther King Day and while many retailers might be closing early, online sale deals stay open 24 hours, and some of them are truly worth rushing to get your hands on.

Here’s one in particular that’s just perfectly affordable: For a limited time only, you can get your hands on one of Hisense’s full 4K ultra HD R7 TVs in the roomy 55 inch range for the absurdly low price of $300. If you loved yesterday’s NFL playoffs but want to enjoy the next ones with even more of a visual kick while saving some serious money, a 4K UHD TV deal like this one is just about your best choice.

While supplies last (and they will very likely run dry of stock at this price), Best Buy is offering up the Hisense R7 ultra HD Roku TV model for $299.99, or $200 off its regular retail price. That’s a discount of nearly 50% and almost unbeatable in terms of 4K TVs this big, being sold brand new and at this price tag.

The good things about this specific deal really are numerous:

For starters, you’re getting your hands on 55 inches of display space with full, crystal clear 4K UHD resolution for watching your next NFL playoffs, favorite movies or just about any other content you want in a way that just doesn’t look nearly as awesomely sharp in ordinary HD resolution. Because the Hisense R7, like all new 4K TVs, also comes with internal upscaling technology, it can refine the sharpness of even non-4K UHD video sources to make them look exceptionally clear compared to how they’d display on a 1080p TV. And when it comes to playing back native 4K UHD streaming from your favorite 4K satellite feed or online streaming service, the extra pixels make for one stunningly beautiful level of picture sharpness.

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Secondly, as far as accessing all possible 4K UHD video sources, live sportscasts and other great home entertainment goes, the Hisense R7 in this deal has one huge advantage over many other pricier 4K HDR TVs; it comes with the fantastically good Roku TV smart platform. We’ve previously detailed why we love this particular streaming media and smart TV OS so much in other posts but to summarize, it’s the single most user-friendly and entertainment-loaded pice of smart TV streaming technology we-ve seen in years. The Roku TV platform inside the Hisense R7 comes with access to over 5000 different media apps and over 500,000 hours of 4K and HD video content built right into it. In a $300 4K TV, that’s an enormous amount of selection.

Hisense isn’t quite as famous as TCL for budget 4K HDR TVs but their name is gaining recognition, and they were at CES 2019 with an announcement for new R8 ultra HD TVs slated for 2019 releases, with the 55 inch model among these expected to sell for $600. The R7 is older, from 2018 but it still has plenty of well-designed essential 4K UHD viewing and upscaling specs and again, it’s going for no more than $300.

Here’s Best Buy’s deal on this particular 4K UHD TV. We really recommend giving it a look at this incredible price.

Hisense 4K UHD budget 4K HDR TV

If you’re looking for a new starter or bedroom 4K TV that delivers perfectly decent picture quality but won’t break your budget, this is one fine deal.

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