Here comes Forza’s First PC Racing game: with 4K support, UWP and no Wheel support

by on April 29, 2016

Stephan Jukic – April 29, 2016

Now that the Forza Motorsport racing series has been released to the public for gaming consoles since February of 2016, Microsoft Studios and Turn 10 are gearing up to unleash the awesome new game for PC gamer release, and in a rather unusual way from what we’ve heard via ArsTechnica’s website.

“Forza Motorposrt 6 Apex” will be launching exclusively for Windows 10 PCs as of May 5th and will be available as a free open source beta downloadable game directly from the Windows Store, sort of a limited trial version with many features from last year’s Xbox One racer instead of something entirely new.

Furthermore, from what we’ve heard of early impressions, the new PC version of the game will offer a rather large conversion for PC gamers due to a number of factors. These include the ability to replicate 4K resolution and graphics, 60 frames per second game performance in even maximum detail (4K) and a truly remarkable spectacle of DirectX 12 technology at work in gaming. According to Ars, the game demo presented to them on a monstrous test rig PC was “incredible” and the “silky smooth” 60fps refresh rate churned out a game flow that had zero stutter and nearly perfect rendering of giant textures and some gorgeous realistic lighting.

All these impressive displays of the new PC game’s performance in a powerful PC rig and 4K monitor aside, we still need to wait and see how “Forza Motorposrt 6 Apex” ends up performing on weaker HD PCs of the type found in many gamers’ homes. Turn 10 itself is currently recommending a decent but not massive bit of PC power for Forza, with recommendations for at least 3.7Ghz in an i3 procesor and 2GB of VRAM.


There is also the issue of the rather unpopular Universal Windows Platform, to which the game is tied up so far. With this in effect, users may be forced to deal with problems like locked in V-Sync functionality and a forced full-screen mode without borders.

Addtionally, the new Forza will offer only limited support for expensive racing-wheel sets and Turn 10 has indicated that there will only be keyboard-and-mouse, and Xbox gamepad support at launch but nothing more. In other words, users of the new upcoming and visually impressive auto racing game with excellent details and 4K graphics won’t actually be able to play it with their own steering wheel and pedal arrangements. They’ll instead have to wait around for a still ambiguous release date in which Turn 10 delivers its own wheel support.

On the other hand, this is after all a free-to-download Beta test version of the game with limited offerings of car types and other addon goodies. At the very least, the new PC game release serves as one more example of visually stunning and decent 4K gameplay technology with some apparently superb DirectX 12 functionality for those who are interested in this.

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