Here are the prices of the new Sony 4K TVs coming to stores in May 2015

by on March 2, 2015

Stephan Jukic – March 02, 2015

In another corporate price leak that’s starting to look like a less than coincidental trend, Sony has joined Samsung and Vizio in having the prices and availability dates for its large 2015 lineup of 4K ultra HD TVs leaked to the public, and the revelations are interesting indeed.

Basically, we’re looking at well over a dozen new 4K TVs that will be coming in sizes that range between a relatively miniscule 43 inches and a truly massive 75 inches that fit the description “big-screen” perfectly. The TVs, all part of the XBR Bravia line that has been popular since 2014 will also range in pricing based on both size and internal features.

The smallest of the new, soon-to-arrive 4K sets is the XBR-43X830C and with its 43 inch screen and pretty basic package of features, it costs “just” $1,299. Still a pretty steep price considering how many larger and feature packed UHD TVs are now available in that price range, even from also expensive competitors like Samsung.

Other TVs on the leaked Sony list range in size from 49 inches all the way up to the aforementioned 75 inches and their prices vary correspondingly: Mid-range 2015 4K sets like the XBR-55X900C, XBR-65X900C and XBR-55X850C come with features like Triluminous color (Sony’s version of quantum dots) and ultra-thin bezel designs. These models range in price from $2,199 up to $3,999 depending on specific features.

There are two 75 inch 4K sets in the new collection for 2015 and between them they have dramatically different prices; one, the XBR-75X850C, costs just $4,999 while the other, the XBR-75X940C, retails for a much pricier $7,999. The dramatic difference is due to the fact that the latter set also comes with the far superior full-array LED backlighting which results in a much better screen illumination.

The rest of the TVs on the leaked Sony 4K price list all only have edge-lit LED backlighting and only one of them features the added technology of local LED dimming for deeper, richer dark colors. While these models should perform extremely well (if the fantastic performance of their 2014 versions is any indicator) the surprising lack of more cutting edge internal features or more widely available full-array LED backlighting is rather disappointing. Sony is falling a bit behind in the race for innovation when compared to the new designs and features of rival TVs from Samsung, especially LG and even Vizio (as far as LED backlighting is concerned).

Sony XBR-75X940C 75-inch 4K TV

At least a couple of Sony’s 2015 4K TVs, like the XBR-75X940C will still feature the massive speakers

As for the much vaunted technology of High Dynamic Range, which is widely expected to hit streaming 4K content transmissions and new 4K Blu-Ray discs this year, the Sony TVs aren’t actually ready for it! According to information from the website HD Guru, the XBR series in the leaked list aren’t able to read the meta-data from upcoming HDR-capable Blu-ray disc content and 4K streaming services and thus only guess their internal signal processors to roughly guess these HDR criteria.

So far though, only Samsung’s upcoming SUHD sets and Panasonic’s CX850 TVs will have this ability anyhow, so Sony isn’t alone in the deficiency.

Of course, at least two of the new 4K TVs, the X940C and the X930C, will be coming with the now extremely recognizable giant built-in speakers that have become a trademark characteristic of so many Sony 4K TVs.

Here is the full list of Sony’s 2015 4K ultra HD TVs and their prices/features:

XBR-75X940C     75-inch Full-array local dimming      $7,999

XBR-65X930C     65-inch Edge-lit local dimming         $4,499

XBR-75X910C     75-inch Thin bezel                          $4,999

XBR-65X900C     65-inch Thin bezel, cabinet              $3,999

XBR-55X900C     55-inch Thin bezel, cabinet              $2,499

XBR-75X850C     75-inch Triluminous color                 $4,999

XBR-65X850C     65-inch Triluminous color                 $3,499

XBR-55X850C     55-inch Triluminous color                 $2,199

XBR-49X830C     49-inch 4K resolution                        $1,599

XBR-43X830C     43-inch 4K resolution                        $1,299

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  • rcarlosnyc
    March 2, 2015 at 11:52 am

    There are errors in the article. “There are two 75 inch 4K sets in the new collection for 2015.”

    There are 3 75″ models.

    Also you have the same price point for the 75X850C & 75X910C. Other sites have listed the prices as $4,999 & $5,499 respectively.


  • Matthew Martinez
    March 2, 2015 at 12:01 pm

    Its funny how people post articles with information as if it is fact, only to find there are tons of errors in the reporting. Glad someone else pointed the flaws in this report. Lets just all wait for Sony and stop speculating.


  • agunrunner
    March 3, 2015 at 4:04 pm

    vizios are much cheaper
    sony does not make its own tvs any more


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