Here are the Prices For Sony’s Premium 2017 4K HDR TVs

by on February 9, 2017

Stephan Jukic – February 9, 2017

The 2017 premium HDR 4K TVs of Sony have been hotly anticipated items since well before they were finally unveiled at CES 2017 and for good reason. After a 2016 in which some of the new models were a bit weaker than even their 2015 cousins, fans of Sony technology wanted to see if the company would rebound with some truly stunning technology in true Sony style. Well while we can’t yet give an absolutely definitive answer on the quality and consistency of Sony’s 2017 models, what we’ve seen ourselves and heard so far indicates that the TVs of this year will impress their buyers very nicely. At the very least, Sony has taken a more creative route for 2017 and brought out a whole new TV type in the form of the A1E OLED model, which we covered in a bit more detail here. That same link offers deeper details on each of the TVs below. Here we’re just covering their prices and basic performance promises.

With that in mind, one of the big remaining questions for the Sony lineup in this year was price. How much are the supposedly stunning new models going to cost? Now we have something of a solid answer and without further ado, let’s take a closer look.

The Sony Z9D 4K HDR TV Series

The Sony Z9D 4K HDR TV Series

The Sony Z9D 4K HDR TV Series

These stunning late 2016 4K LCD TVs deliver such stunning display performance and cutting-edge specs that they’re expected to still outperform pretty much any 2017 LCD TV that’s going to be coming out in this year. How are we so sure of this? Because the Z9D TVs are the only LCD models we’ve yet seen with such an enormously dense network of full-array backlight LEDs and their attending local dimming zones. Thus, not only can the match the peak brightness of Samsung’s 2017 QLED TVs but top this by completely outdoing the QLEDs on local dimming and zone black levels since the QLEDs being released so far only offer edge-lit backlights.

We’ve know the prices of the Z9D TVs since 2016 when they first went on sale. Thos prices will stay about the same at $5,499 for the 65 inch model, $8,999 for the 75 inch model and a whopping luxury market price tag of $60,000 for the monster 100 inch XBR-Z9D flagship TV.


Sony A1E OLED TV 65 inch edition

Sony A1E OLED TV 65 inch edition

The Sony A1E is the company’s true innovation for 2017 and is promising to be one spectacularly impressive 4K HDR TV. It is after all going to combine the latest and absolute best in LG OLED display panel performance with Sony’s own arguably superior internal processing hardware, in the form of the X1 Extreme processer engine. The combination of the two is virtually guaranteed to be a powerhouse of insanely good picture quality. The A1E will also support Dolby Vision, HDR10 and even HLG high dynamic range standards, like all of Sony’s 2017 TVs.

The European price of the A1E has been released (the model is called the A1 on the other side of the Atlantic pond and we have it pegged at 3,799 Euros for the 55 inch model and 5499 Euros for the 65 inch version. These prices translate to about $4,060 and $5877 dollars and when we see formal U.S price releases, they’ll probably come pretty close to these numbers after US conversion here. In other words, the Sony A1E OLED will definitely not be a very affordable TV compared to LG’s main OLED models like the B7 and C7 for 2017.

Sony is also releasing a 77 inch A1E model but this will come later in the year an d we don’t yet know how much it will cost.

Sony XBR-X940E Series TV (XE94 Series in the U.K and Europe)

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The Sony X940E follows pretty much exactly in the pattern Sony established with the X940C and X940D TVs of 2015 and 2016 by which they released  single size model premium TV that was the flagship Sony television in 2015 and the 2016 flagship model until the Z9D TVs from above superseded it in quality, price and performance. Now in 2017, we’re getting the same single 75 inch TV model release with the X940E.

This television will feature many of the same technologies as the flagship LCD Z9D TV, including the X1 Extreme Processor, support for Dolby, HDR10 and HLG high dynamic range formats and full-array LED backlighting. However, the X940E will offer a much weaker type of LED backlight array with a much smaller number of LEDs and dimming zones. This is why it will be much less expensive at between $6,499 and $5,999 when the single 75 inch model goes on sale in the U.S. Its European price has already been confirmed at £5,500.

Sony XBR-X930E Series HDR 4K TV (XE93 series in the U.K and Europe)

The Sony X930E TVs are the successors to the X930C and X930D TVs of 2015 and 2016 and for this year, they’re going to come out with very similar external designs, similar basic internal design and the same size range of 55 and 65 inches. However, for the 2017 models, we’re expecting superior overall performance in color, black levels (please!), peak brightness and HDR support. These models are the cheapest of the Sony Premium 4K HDR TVs and while they only come with edge-lit LED backlights, we’re expecting improved brightness and local dimming performance thanks to a doubled quantity of local dimming zones Sony’s new Slim Backlight Master Drive+ technology.

The confirmed prices of these TVs for Europe sit at £3,200 for the 65 inch model and £2,400 for the 55 inch model. We’re expecting prices of $2,999 and $3,999 for their U.S release


Other 4K TV models

While Sony has unveiled all of the above models on its U.S website without stating their prices, the company has also released several other lower-priced HDR 4K TVs to the UK/European market that we’re virtually certain will be coming to the U.S by mid-year. The U.K model numbers for these television series are as follows:

XE90 Series (Expected U.S name X900E Series)

XE85 Series (Expected U.S name X850E Series)

XE80 Series (Expected U.S name X800E Series)

These will basically be the 2017 replacements to the X900D, X850D and X800D TVs according to our educated guesswork and we can confirm that all three models will offer support for all three HDR formats (HDR10, Dolby Vision and HLG) while not including the X1 Extreme Processor engine. Instead, they will come with Sony X1 4K HDR engines for the X900E and X850E, and 4K X-Reality Pro for the X800E model.

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  • MrSatyre
    February 9, 2017 at 7:06 pm

    Can anyone explain to me why Sony thought having a TV sitting in front of you on a stand at an angle, as shown so often in the promo material, would be a good thing?


  • Vince Sorgi
    February 11, 2017 at 7:27 am

    Since Sony announced at CES that the Z9D will continue to be their flagship, I have to think that the 65″ A1 will be priced less than the $5499 current price of the Z9. European prices always seem to be higher than they are in the US.


  • joe
    February 12, 2017 at 2:56 pm

    $1000 dollars for the X800E 43 inch TV? that is a rip off compared to the $649 X800D 43″ tv. If your looking for a sony 4k tv in the 40 inch range then you may as well by the X800D and save $350 dollars since it looks like there is no real difference specs wise between the X800E and X800D series. Both come with the same 4K X-reality Pro processing chip, and its Triluminous Display tech. Both TV’s also use the same XR 240 motion flow. IF you look at the Sony website and look at the specs side by side they are pretty much the same. It looks like all Sony did was copied and paste the X800D specs and posted it for the X800E TV set. Outside of maybe a couple of features the picture quality is more than likely be similar.


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