We’ve Curated The Best OLED & Budget 4K TV Deals So Far For January 2019

by on January 4, 2019
Stephan Jukic – January 04, 2019

If you didn’t get around to a new 4K UHD TV in late 2018 or especially during the holiday weeks that just passed us by, well Janaury is still a great time for some continuing deep discount deals on what are some of today’s best 4K TVs until the whole 2019 plethora of new releases goes on sale and gets reviewed. Those 2019 TVs are however still months away from release and don’t expect their prices to start dropping to reasonable post-new release levels until at least several more months have gone by though. In other words, the 2018 models you find right now are not only perfectly great for years of superbly high-quality home entertainment, many of them are also cheaper than ever specifically because TV makers and retailers want to start clearing shelf space for what’s coming later in this year.

With all that said, let’s get down to some of the best deals we’ve managed to find so far for January of 2019. We’re also going to give you a quick breakdown of why we think each of these is such a great deal.

Let’s get started..

LG B8 4K UHD HDR OLED Smart TV 55 Inch Edition: $1596.99 at Amazon

LG’s OLED B8 was the single best value in OLED 4K HDR TV technology for all of 2018 and even outdid the similarly designed C8 OLED from this brand in terms of absolute value per dollar of cost. Why? Because this particular OLED model is as cheap as the latest in OLED TV models gets while still offering up nearly the exact same picture quality as even the most expensive of its 2018 OLED cousins in much higher price ranges from either LG itself or Sony. The B8 is also incidentally the brightest OLED 4K HDR TV we’ve ever reviewed to-date, which is a nice little bonus in its favor.

In all other major qualities such as total, perfect OLED black levels, incredible pixel-level OLED dimming technology and fantastically vibrant color rendering, the B8 delivers just as well as any of its cousins. It also manages some astonishingly good motion handling, which is another thing that all OLED TVs manage better than any LCD TV model in existence. In other words, with the B8 you get most of the best about OLED 4K HDR display technology at a much more reasonable price than is typically the case.


Check out the LG B8 OLED 4K HDR Smart TV (2018 Model) on Amazon

4.7 – 4 Reviews

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SAMSUNG 2018 55″ Class NU7200 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV with $20 VUDU Credit: $547.99 at Walmart

Samsung’s NU-Series 4K UHD TVs of 2018 were excellent budget to mid-range models almost across the board. They delivered very robust picture quality, good motion handling, excellent color reproduction and some exceptionally good 4K HDR gaming performance in terms of their input lag and display specs compatibility. The NU7200 is an excellent mid-range example of these NU models and right now its price of just $548 dollars for the very nicely sizes 55 inch model at Walmart is simply great. We recommend this deal for the sheer value it delivers and this TV is more than good enough to be considered a solid purchase at this kind of price. Stocks are running out very quickly, so we recommend checking this discount out quickly.

Samsung’s NU7100 4K TV Edition 1

Sharp 55″ Class 4K Ultra HD (2160P) HDR Smart LED TV: $349.99 at Walmart

Sharp’s 4K UHD TVs aren’t some of the most famous models available today but they do deliver solid picture performance and some very robust, fully modern connectivity specs. They also offer totally excellent full native 4K resolution backed up by moderate high dynamic range support. This particular Sharp edition comes with all of the above and much more, making it a stunningly affordable option for a starter or gaming 4K TV at just $349. Bear in mind also that for this price you’re getting your hands on a very decent-sized 55 inch model that’s more than good enough for even most largish living rooms, and plenty for any bedroom or den. The Sharp 55 inch LC-55Q7030U on offer here is especially great if you want a second 4K TV at a fantastic price, be it for gaming, bedroom movie time or as a gift for a kid who’s just about to live on their own for the first time ever.


Toshiba 50LF621U19 50-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV Amazon Fire Edition: $329.99 at Amazon

Toshiba’s Fire 4K UHD TVs come with limited HDR support and deliver none of the premium display technologies that you’ll find in most of today’s name brand 4K UHD TVs from the other major brands. What they do however deliver is great, solid picture quality, very good motion handling and at least some HDR display capacity with full HDR content pass-through in their connectivity specs. They also have one other major feature that absolutely makes them great at the prices they sell for: These Fire 4K TVs come with Amazon’s fantastic Fire smart TV platform with content access that’s almost second to none. With this Amazon Fire feature, they do also come with one truly premium bit of technology. This of course is Amazon’s excellent Alexa remote with cutting-edge voice control technology. Voice control of this caliber is normally something you only find in name brand ultra-premium 4K HDR televisions but with Amazon’s Fire TV models (from their respective affiliated brands like Toshiba and Insignia), it’s just part of the basic package. At $329.99, this Toshiba Fire TV with 50 inch screen is an incredibly valuable deal that we sincerely recommend. It’s also very highly rated on consumer review sites.

Toshiba 50-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV with HDR - Fire TV Edition

Check out the Toshiba 50LF621U19 50-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2018 Model) on Amazon

4.7 – 4 Reviews

TCL 43S425 43 Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart Roku LED TV (2018): $259.99 at Amazon

As our finally and cheapest offering, we have one of TCL’s excellent S-series 2018 4K HDR LCD TVs. The S-Series models aren’t as impressively decked out with display power as TCL’s premium (but also very affordable) 6-Series televisions but they do deliver very good and well balanced picture performance while coming with the second-to-none smart entertainment platform technology of Roku TV. We consider the Roku TV operating system to be one of the best in existence today due to its sheer vast library of content and media apps (over 5000 of them) and its extreme user friendliness. The TCL S-Series comes with all of this by default and to boot it also gets the Roku smart remote, which offers voice control as well along with a headphone jack for late night TV watching without the need to wake up anyone else in your home.

This particular S-Series TCL model might offer only 43 inches of screen size but at $260 bucks, it’s the single cheapest and probably best budget deal we can think of for a new TV.

TCL S-SERIES 2018 4K TV on sale 3

Check the TCL 43S425 43 Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart Roku LED TV (2018 Model) on Amazon

4.7 – 4 Reviews

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