The absolute best 4K TV and game console deals for Black Friday 2016

by on November 24, 2016

Stephan Jukic – November 24, 2016

Black Friday 2016 is just about upon us and almost all of the major retailers have lots of stuff that’s either going to be on sale as of later today and the 25th itself or is already being offered at some seriously deep discounts. These sales apply to all sorts of electronics, from 4K HDR TVs, to gaming consoles to monitors to everything in between and numerous accessories.

With that said, not all deals are quite created equal and thoughtful consumers should definitely think about what products will really offer them the best value for their money even if it seems that just about everything around is on discount.

Luckily, we have a fairly good eye for what the best offers among all the saturated sales deals for this year really are and for 4K TVs and other electronics, we can particularly pick out your best bets for a great piece of technology at a great price.

The following are some of the best 4K-related 2016 Black Friday deals that we’ve found so far from several of the major retailers.


Amazon’s Black Friday deals listings are not only huge, they also started remarkably early, with many items having gone on sale for the same prices or even more competitively than those of their competitors well before the 25th of November without much fanfare. We’ve found several awesome offerings from the online retailing giant, especially for 4K UHD TVs of both the premium and mid-range or budget varieties. Here are some of the best we’ve laid eyes on so far.

Sony X850D 55 inch 4K HDR TV: $898

One of Sony’s best 2016 4K HDR TVs, with IPS display, full HDR10 compatibility and some excellent display specs. This is a superb price for a fantastic premium 4K TV.


Sony X800D 43 inch and 49 inch models: $598 and $648 respectively

Sony’s X800D 4K TVs were wonderfully priced to begin with but their new Black Friday discounts are downright stunning. This model offers full HDR specs, excellent motion handling and superb black levels. Compact, cheap but with premium features.

Sony X700D 55 inch 4K HDR TV: $698

Almost as good as the Sony X800D but even more affordable priced, the X700D 55 inch HDR TV is a steal at $698 and possibly one of the best 4K HDR TV deals for this year’s Black Friday event from Amazon.

Sony X700D 55 inch 4K HDR TV + PS4 Pro 4K HDR game console: $1,097

If the Sony X700D HDR TV alone wans’t enough of a deal at $698. Amazon is also offering this TV for sale as part of a bundle package which includes one of Sony’s newly released PlayStation 4 Pro HDR 4K UHD gaming consoles for just $1,097. This is a fantastic offer all by itself.

TCL US5800 4K UHD smart TV: $399

The Amazon Best Selling TCL US5800 may not be an HDR 4K TV and not a model from a truly major brand but it offers the essentials of a decent 4K movie watching experience, full connectivity and at $399 for a 55 inch model, is probably one of the most affordable deals around. This TV could be used as a superbly large 4K monitor.


65 inch Samsung KS8500 HDR TV for just $1,597.99

Samsung’s KS8500 is one of the company’s top-shelf SUHD TVs for 2016 and offers some of the best LCD TV display performance we’ve ever seen. Priced at just $1597.99 for a 65 inch model, this is one fantastically affordable deal on a premium HDR TV.

LG OLED 4K HDR B6 55 inch 4K TV: $1,800

Nothing yet beats OLED HDR TV display in terms of sheer quality and the only problem with these super-premium TVs has traditionally been their high price. This is why a 55 inch model at just $1,800 is a hell of a deal. The B6 model’s original retail price just a few weeks ago was well over $3000.

LG OLED 4K HDR B6 65 inch 4K TV $2,997

Just like its 55 inch cousin, the OLED 65 inch B6 HDR 4K TV from LG is also available at a huge discount. Previously available for about $5000, it’s now selling on Amazon for the same price that the 55 inch model sold at just a few weeks ago.

Best Buy


Best Buy’s roster of Black Friday deals is enormous to the point of possibly being one of the largest we’re seeing so far for this year’s giant sales event. These offerings not only include numerous high end and mid-range 4K TVs of all kinds being sold at superb prices but also a broad range of other 4K-related electronics and accessories of all kinds. The deals at Best Buy are available both online and in the company’s numerous retail locations if you’re feeling frisky enough to brave the crowds that will inevitably be filling these stores. Here’s a breakdown of the best we’ve found so far:


Game Consoles, accessories and streaming media devices:


Best Buy is also selling a DJI Phantom 3 Standard quadracopter with built-in 4K UHD camera for just $399.99


Walmart’s 4K Black Friday deals aren’t quite on the level of those of Best Buy but they’re plentiful enough and include a number of 4K UHD TVs, gaming technologies and even a DJI drone for a deeply discounted price.

One of the best deals of the bunch that we’ve seen so far from the Walmart site is a 55 inch Philips 4K UHD smart TV which will be selling for a stunningly low price of just $298. Not bad at all for a 4K TV from a major brand, and one which includes some very decent 4K specs and easy access to streaming ultra HD from Netflix, YouTube and other services. At the very least, this 4K TV model will make a superb piece of PC gaming or console gaming technology.

Walmart is also going to be offering up a Vizio 4K UHD smart TV for just $398 and a 4K Samsung model for $398.

Then there are the console gaming deals, which include a PS4 Slim console with a 500GB storage and an Uncharted 4 bundle for only $249 with a $30 gift card included. In addition to this, Walmart is going to be offering up an Xbox One S upscaled 4K HDR gaming console of the 500GB type with a Battlefield bundle for just $249 as well. These are some superb prices indeed.

Finally, we come down to the Phantom 3 standard drone that’s being offered by the retail giant for just $369. This particular DJI drone model also happens to come with an integrated 4K ultra HD video camera.

Walmart’s sales events are already going on, with physical store sales opening as of 6pm on November 24th and online sales through the Walmart sales app being available since 120 am Thanksgiving morning.

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