Here are some of the new 4K Innovations that Panasonic is working on

by on November 24, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – November 24, 2014

4K ultra HD is becoming an ever more well-known term that get thrown around a lot in many technological circles (like video cameras, projectors and movie production), TVs with ultra-high definition screen displays are the technology it’s most commonly used to describe.

However, the real meaning of 4K goes far beyond simply TVs and Panasonic Electronics is working on UHD related developments in many of these lesser known fields. In fact, according to Yoshiyuki Miyabe of the Panasonic AVC Networks division of Panasonic, the jump from HD to 4K will be one of the biggest technological developments of the last two decades and will led to some truly major transitions across many audio and visual fields.

According to Miyabe and to his company, 4K technology will lead to advances in the lifestyles of the diverse customers that Panasonic has been pursuing since its founding through numerous means. It may seem like a bit of hyperbole but Miyabe (and his company) claim that with 4K will come “life-changing” improvements to societies all around the world.

While this does sound a bit far-fetched, it is also what Panasonic is working on through a number of different developments in ultra HD across several fields where the technology is making an impact.

For example, in the post production industry, one industry CEO has described how a 4K professional recording camera called the VARICAM35 has been created with the ability to control color from outside the camera. In effect, the camera can be adjusted intelligently so that it full grabs and absorbs all of the diverse colors found in real life into its video reels. Given that color is as important as resolution in really conveying the vividness of reality to the screen, these new types of 4K cameras like the VARICAM are transforming the real quality of TV broadcasts and video of all kinds, particularly live action events like sports broadcasts.

live sports broadcasting in 4K could be a major development for media

Live sports broadcasts will be a major area of opportunity for the resolution and color display power of 4K video

Furthermore, when it comes to photography, the new growth of 4K video cameras for a wide range of budgets has also revolutionized how excellent photos are captured by making them extractable from continuous shots of video that miss far fewer details than rapid-fire shooting with a camera on its photographic settings.

In other words, because 4K video shots create such high, photo quality resolutions, the continuous UHD shooting that most cameras such as Panasonic’s GH4 or some of its more professional shooters can do at a rate of 25 to 60 frames per second allows photographers to extract perfectly timed and exquisitely clear still shots of even the most difficult to capture moments, such as the precise moment in which a bird takes off or a drop of water expands from dropping into a puddle.

This still shot capturing development can be taken even further with the use of 4K video cameras in truly unusual settings such as on-board aerial drones or in mountable head cameras used by extreme sports enthusiasts.


Finally, Panasonic is also working on bringing 4K to the small screen as well. Currently, the company is the very first in the world to have launched a 4K tablet for consumers. While quite enormous, the 20 inch screen of the new device creates a level of resolution that almost perfectly rivals images chemically imprinted on large glossy sheets of paper. According to the company, the medical applications alone for these new types of tablets could be highly innovative.

Here is a link to a video by Panasonic that details even more of these new innovations the electronics giant is pursuing. It’s well worth watching.

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