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The Rise of 4K TVs should make deals on HDTVs better than ever, but there is a catch

by on February 13, 2015

Stephan Jukic – February 13, 2015

Now that 4K TVs are becoming more the rage every passing month and start to take up the majority of the factory floor space of their manufacturers, they’re also pushing aside the previous king of the home entertainment pile, the HDTV.

They’re not quite there yet and most of the TVs in any big electronics store are still only HD sets but at least the manufacturers are gearing up for majority UHD development –LG alone predicts that 60% or more of its new TVs in 2015 will be 4K models.

As is often the case when a new technology starts to really supersede an older one, the 4K movement means some excellent deals and overall lower prices for HDTV sets across the board.

It’s a safe bet that many sellers and manufacturers will practically be giving away their HD televisions, especially in the next couple years as 4K TV production really ramps up to full volume.

At this year’s CES, for example, not one of the big brands in TV technology showcased a single new 1080p HD TV. The entire show (as far as TVs went) was about 4K and anything that relates to 4K in some way.

Because of this, as of 2015 and into 2016 and beyond, you should easily be able to find some truly excellent discounts on even the best HDTV sets that you’ve always possibly wanted but didn’t quite want to splurge on.

And there will also be some great TVs with great coming out too, even if the 4K models offer the best specs of all. For example, Roku has announced that it will definitely be including al of its new and existing streaming technologies in a whole range of 2015 HDTVs. The same goes for many of the other content providers out there.

Furthermore, many of the same smart TV features and other software entertainment apps will be just as available in HD models as in 4K versions, so aside from the lower resolution and a few other things we’ll get to in a moment, you’ll be getting much of the same quality as your 4K owning counterparts in a much more affordable form.

Even more enticing is the fact that formerly cutting edge HDTV features that once cost a fortune will now be cheaper than ever. So if you always wanted one of LG’s expensive HD OLED TVs in your living room, it’s soon going to be a great time to go for it as the 4K line of LG OLED models eclipses its HD predecessors.

LG's once highly expensive OLED HDTVs should be dropping in cost very soon thanks to 4K competition

LG’s once highly expensive OLED HDTVs should be dropping in cost very soon thanks to 4K competition

Then there is also the content issue offsetting the benefits of 4K TVs: 4K content is still quite a ways from being extremely practical and common and even the biggest sources of it, the streaming services like Netflix, require levels of high-speed internet connectivity that a majority of homes don’t have. Thus, even most 4K TV owners will still be doing most of their content viewing in HD, even if it is slightly improved HD thanks to 4K TVs’ internal “upscaling” engines.

In other words, getting that now cheaper new HDTV that you always wanted comes with surprisingly few downsides relative to going for 4K ultra HD technology right now.

However, there is one drawback of sticking with HDTV, even if you buy the newest model on the market: The really innovative new display technology that’s coming out this year is almost exclusively being reserved for the manufacturers’ 4K models.

So, if you’re interested in new developments like quantum dots, more advanced OLED panels, extraordinary thinness and High Dynamic Range, you’ll only be able to get a taste of them with a 4K ultra HD television.

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