HDR is the real killer feature with 4K Blu-ray according to “Deadpool” director

by on May 25, 2016

Stephan Jukic – May 24, 2016

As the 4K ultra HD Blu-ray release of the 20th Century Fox and Marvel Comics comic book-based thriller “Deadpool” approaches, the website had a talk with the movie’s director Tim Miller about the visual presentation of the movie in its 4K BD disc format and about what it is that really makes it visually spectacular to watch. Specifically, director Tim Miller focused in on how high dynamic range has been used to really make “Deadpool” shine in a particularly “vibrant and explosive” way that beats even the quality of the picture as it appeared in commercial theaters.

Furthermore, according to the colorist for the movie’s 4K BD release, in describing the technical details behind the “Deadpool” formatting for 4K HDR Blu-ray,

“I felt like every time we were going through it, we were seeing more and more and more. The last pass that we did was the HDR pass, and we were just like ‘wow, we wish we had that in the beginning’, because you could all of a sudden see so much more detail in the skies, or the flames, or Colossus or Deadpool’s suit.”

To this, director Tim Miller added in agreement that, “The Ultra HD is f***ing amazing in the level of detail, especially because we did it at the end of the process,” As the Techradar article mentions, Miller pointed to an HDR copy of the movie which was playing on one of Samsung’s curved HDR-capable SUHD TV models.

Furthermore, the movie director added that “Especially in the skies is where I noticed it most,” [referring to the 4K resolution of the Blu-ray copy] “Particularly in the freeway fight, there’s just so much more detail; it’s like suddenly the sky was not a white mass the way it had been in all the other formats.” He also added that, “Deadpool’s costume was the other big thing I noticed. It’s got a really fine weave to it, and suddenly, all the detail of the costume comes out in a way that turns to mush in all the other formats.”


This praise for the 4K resolution transfer of the movie to the new Blu-ray format aside, Miller also explained that what really helped make the new disc release of “Deadpool” shine was its HDR formatting, noting that things like explosions, fires and other similar elements “benefitted greatly” from the wide color gamut and brightness capacities of HDR content technology.

This effect was descried by the director as “all of a sudden having dimension to it – it almost becomes 3D” despite being displayed on a flat 2D TV image, albeit with 4K resolution and top-notch HDR specs.

The “Deadpool” director also went on to explain that working with HDR opened his eyes to the possibilities that lie with this new content display technologies especially in relation to the upcoming “Deadpool” sequel that’s in the works.

Tim Miller also elaborated that while HDR is becoming more “instrumental” in how movie makers approach the material they’re creating, the technology is still largely considered new in Hollywood. As he states to Techradar,

“From all the filmmakers that I’ve worked with, and have been talking to about HDR, no one is bringing an HDR monitor on set,” explained Miller, citing their expense as the reason. “If one of those gets knocked over, that’s like a $30,000 mistake.”

Overall, the HDR formatting of “Deadpool” has impressed even the movie’s creators completely. Given this, the effect these new layers of detail have on this and other 4K Blu-ray movies with HDR should be even more stunning to consumer audiences with a 4K HDR TV capable of enjoying the new cutting edge format.

“Deadpool” is available in a Blu-ray package as of today, May 25th from retailers like for $25.96 and in-store at major electronics chains like Best Buy. The 4K Blu-ray version of the movie release can be watched on any of the three 4K BD media player models from Samsung, Panasonic and Philips that are now on sale.

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