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Harmonic and AsiaSat launching a new 4K UHD channel and lots of content for the Asian market

by on January 20, 2016

Stephan Jukic – January 20, 2016

Working in partnership with the video service delivery company Harmonic, AsiaSat, which is one of Asia’s largest satellite operating companies, has announced that it will be forming a partnership for a new 4K Ultra HD channel denominated as “4K-SAT2/HVN”. This will be AsiaSat’s second free-to-air 4K UHD channel on AsiaSat 4 at 122 degrees East for the Asia Pacific region and will add to the global growth of newly arriving 4K ultra HD video content that’s appearing nearly everywhere.

The launch of “4K-SAT2/HVN” on March the 1st of 2016, will see mean the availability of an assortment of new 4K UHD video content from the partner company Harmonic’s large video content library and included with this, there will also be content from NASA’s new NASA TV UHD channel. All of the content in question will be in 2160p60 resolution and frame rates with full HEVC encoding in H.265 codec for 4K video compression. More specifically, the new content will use HEVC Main 10 profile, with end-to-end 4K video processing from Harmonic’s systems.

Consumers throughout Asia who have access to the new channel will be able to revel in the stunning visuals of NASA’s 4K ultra HD space exploration footage as well as having access to more conventional 4K entertainment content from Harmonic’s video content library.

The enormous 4K video broadcast footprint of the new AsiaSat satellite

The enormous 4K video broadcast footprint of the new AsiaSat satellite

NASA TV UHD has also launched its service in North America, in cooperation with Harmonic as well and the channel was the first of its kind on the North American market.

According to Sabrina Cubbon,  vice president of marketing & global accounts at AsiaSat, “With the cost of UHD TV sets dropping dramatically over the past year, demand for UHD content in Asia is expected to grow exponentially in the next couple of years.” Cubbon also explained that, “Our partnership with Harmonic for this new channel “4K-SAT2/HVN”, following the successful launch of our first UHD channel last year, enables the delivery of a choice of rich and compelling UHD content on AsiaSat 4, allowing us to demonstrate the superior quality via satellite of a linear Ultra HD channel in 2160p60 resolution.”

The 4K channels from AsiaSat 4’s UHD platform are accessible free-to-air over the range of the satellite’s enormous footprint, which extends from Pakistan in the west (along with part of the Middle East) over to New Zealand in the east and covers an area in which more than 50 countries are located. Viewers with a 4K ultra HD TV, an AsiaSat 4 C-band antenna and an HEV set-top box will be able to view the new and older 4K channel content in native 4K resolution.

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