Chinese Electronics Maker Haier Unveils New 4K and Curved OLED TVs at IFA 2014

by on September 8, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – September 8th, 2014

Given that China is for now at least the World’s largest single market for 4K Ultra HD TVs, it should be no surprise that the range of companies in the country which produce 4K TV sets at more affordable prices is wide.

Among these Chinese companies is Haier, a general home goods manufacturer that has also moved into consumer electronics and also started developing products for the high end home electronics market. Most notable of these are its 4K TVs.

At IFA 2014 this year, which is happening right now, the company announced the launch of a new range of different TVs, most notable of them being its new OLED curved TV sets and the company’s new 4K Ultra HD models.

They’ve also included an interesting modular model TV whose screen can later be replaced to keep up with the latest tech features as they become more popular.

In this case, the modular model from Haier can be bought at a very reasonable price as a set with a Full HD 1080p screen initially, and then as 4K content becomes more pervasive, owners of the modular TV can swap the HD screen for a 4K variant at a future date.

This is a truly innovative feature for people who are too cost conscious to keep swapping one older TV for a newer one every time major technology shifts occur.

Other “switch & update” friendly features on the company’s modular TV include internal video coding technologies and connectivity ports.

Additionally, the modular model comes with a range of personal health monitoring features that can be connected to equivalently equipped apps on your smart phone or other wearable technology for TV display of all your vital signs. While this is more of a novelty feature than anything else, it is still pretty neat as far as 4K TVs go.

In addition to this module, nominally Full HD 1080p TV model, Haier has also come out with a curved Ultra HD 4K TV model called the 65Q8000. This LED TV features a 65 inch screen, comes with the company’s proprietary Smart TV platform, 3D capacity and dual tuners.

It also offers a fairly decent 40 million: 1 dynamic contrast ratio and a 100Hz refresh rate –neither of which are that bad of specs even though they’re not exactly Samsung or Sony level.

Furthermore, the company’s new 65 inch curved 4K set also comes with built-in WiFi, two USB ports and the ability to decode HEVC video compression for full access to online 4K Ultra HD content streams from companies like Netflix, Amazon and Another excellent feature of this 4K set from Haier is the fact that it also comes with HDMI 2.0 ports, making it fully up-to-date for smooth viewing of 4K content from connected third party devices.

Haier 4K sets on display at IFA 2014

Haier 4K sets on display at IFA 2014

The Haier 65Q8000 will be going on sale as of the beginning of 2015 and, most importantly of all, it illustrates a very crucial point about the state of 4K entertainment evolution:

The technology is not only becoming extremely widespread across numerous international markets but is also evolving so well that even lesser known lower cost 4K TV brands are now featuring specs that even the best 4K TVs didn’t have just over a year ago.

This is a great sign for the future of 4K resolution.


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