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GoPro Hero 5 release in October? 4K at 60fps and 8K video too maybe?

by on June 16, 2015

Stephan Jukic – June 16, 2015

Since GoPro released their first Hero action cameras, the little devices have become insanely popular among videogrpahers, adventurers and just about everyone in between who needs a camera that’s tough, reliable and can capture some truly awesome HD video. When the Hero 3 came out with 4K video shooting capacity and later the current champ, the Hero 4 with even smoother 30fps 4K video capability, the popularity of the Hero line only surged further.

Now, in this atmosphere of fan attention, rumors are swirling across the web about what the highly anticipated Hero 5 is going to deliver.

Reports circulating in early 2015 indicated that the Hero 5 would definitely feature a number of improvements on the already awesome Hero 4 and those rumors are only getting more detailed as we enter the middle of 2015.

According to the latest, the upcoming action camera will finally have the ability to capture 4K movies at a wonderfully, professionally smooth 60 frames per second. This rumor, if true, would be the most eagerly awaited reveal for the Hero line, since it not only follows the logic of the cameras’ natural progression from HD to ultra HD at an experimental 15 fps to finally offering decent frame rates of 30fps in 4K with the Hero 4.

If the Hero 5 comes with UHD video at 60fps, it will truly turn into a professional little action camera, giving its users excellent levels of vivid smoothness when shooting the kind of high intensity action sequences that the Hero line is famously and regularly used for.

However, the stories don’t end with 4K at 60 frames. There are also much less substantiated and probable rumors of possible 8K shooting ability in the upcoming Hero release. These come to us courtesy of some recent speculation from Vine Report  and are truly tantalizing.

8K puts 4K completely in the dust with its 16 million pixels in is still pretty much unavailable on all but a very, very few truly unique ultra HD video cameras. The idea of having this resolution even on at a nearly useless 15 fps as an option in a devices as small and portable as the GoPro Hero 5 is pretty fascinating to say the least. If 8K video were possible on the tiny action camera, it would also require some serious memory upgrades, given that even a single minute of 4K video can cost a storage drive as many as 2 GB.

8K video recordingfor the Hero 5 from GoPro?

8K video recordingfor the Hero 5 from GoPro?

Moving beyond resolution, the speculation about the Hero 5 also indicates that the camera will come with a powerful A10 processor, a much more robust 2800mAh battery which should allow for a solid two hours of recording on a single charge, and a dual lens setup that will let users capture 3 images.

As for a release date, we’re looking at the possibility of October but since GoPro hasn’t yet commented on any of this, any specific date in the last quarters of 2015 is a possibility and even though the traditional releases of previous Hero cameras have been in October, the Hero 4 was unleased on the public in March of 2014. Maybe this time, GoPro will also surprise people with a Christmas season release after first really building up the hype around the Hero 5.

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  • Pablo
    September 11, 2016 at 9:26 am

    They better release from start a 3D sync dongle and support 8K at xperimental frame rate otherwide it will born dead with Yi2 already owning 4black at half of the price.


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