Google working on new Fiber TV/Network Boxes with 4K ultra HD and HDR

by on November 16, 2016

Stephan Jukic – November 16, 2016

First comes news that Google will be stopping short its plans for further expansion of their Fiber ultra-high speed internet service to new areas of the U.S and now comes almost contradictory news that the company is however going to continue developing new Fiber hardware and according to more recent reporting from 9to5Google, Google will be developing a new series of Google Fiber TV and Network set-top boxes with 4K ultra HD streaming, high dynamic range support and wireless power.

Considering the massive broadband speeds that Fiber is capable of delivering, 4K UHD streaming in a Fiber box shouldn’t be any sort of problem as far as smooth connectivity for ultra HD content is concerned.


In any case, according to 9to5Google, the new Fiber TV Box that Google is developing will offer a much more modern looking Google logo and a new model number while also offering the 4K streaming service mentioned above. Other than this though, the 4K Fiber TV Box will look mostly the same as the existing device, which goes by the model number GFHD200. The new 4K box will be numbered as GFHD254.

In terms of further technical specifications, the new version of Google’s Fiber TV Box will no longer include a couple of older legacy ports for coaxial cable and infrared (IR) but will come with a new robust form of wireless connectivity that will reportedly work on the superior 5GHz band. The new Network Box from Google will also come with wireless connectivity, high-speed HDR-capable HDMI connectivity, USB, and an AV port.  The inclusion of wireless connectivity between the Google TV Box and the Network box (which connect together for the complete Fiber Box service) will allow the TV Box and the TV to which it connects to be located elsewhere in the home without the need for cables between Network Box and TV Box.


Then of course there is the 4K content support, which will come as an integral part of the new Google Fiber hardware, long with support for HEVC and Google’s own VP9 4K video compression codec. HDR support for what we assume will be HDR10 is also supposed to be a part of the new box. This last spec is indeed believable considering that all major 4K streaming media set-top boxes being released today now include HDR support.

Since it’s now known that Google plans on cutting off further expansion of the Fiber service itself, the rumored introduction of these new 4K HDR boxes seems a bit strange. Currently, only four more cities will be joining the fairly small rankings of areas services by the Fiber service. These places consist of Huntsville, Irvine, San Antonio and San Francisco. Either Google is simply working to deliver the best possible streaming media box service they can for their existing Fiber subscribers as a way of really showing off what the company’s massive 1Gbps internet service can really do with the latest in streamed digital video sources, or the tech giant is simply planning a resumption of Fiber expansion, but further down the road under more amenable conditions.

At the very least, it’s nice to know that existing Fiber customers will be getting the benefit of some powerful new cutting-edge content services for their massively powerful internet subscriptions. A 1Gbps web connection is definitely the sort of thing on which you’d want to give 4K HDR content streaming a spin.

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