Gigantic 200 Foot 4K Ultra HD Video Boards Unveiled For Ravens’ Baltimore Stadium

by on July 28, 2017

Stephan Jukic – July 28, 2017

The Ravens are getting some brand spanking new 4K UHD Video boards for all the action inside M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore this year. The local team unveiled two brand new giant ultra HD  displays this week and they are indeed huge, each spanning a solid 200 feet that makes them twice the size of the old screen which they’re replacing.

According to the Ravens, the new 4K video screens will be one more way in which their fans can enjoy game days in the best possible crystal clear resolution available at such a scale. With their enormous size, these new displays are sure to make sure that every play, football throw, fumble and field goal is beautifully rendered in all its glorious detail no matter where any one of the 71,000 fans that the stadium can fit is sitting.

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According to Ravens president Dick Cass,

“These boards will present a picture as though, if you’re sitting in front of your television at home.”

Furthermore, according to Jay O’Brien, Vice President, Broadcasting & Gameday Productions for the Baltimore Ravens: “These video boards are among the brightest and clearest on the market. These boards are 50 percent high and more than double the width of the old board,”

In other words, the new boards are tremendously larger than the board they’re replacing and in fact some of the largest of their kind in the entire U.S for now. Furthermore, in addition to the multimillion dollar investment put into the boards themselves, the stadium has loaded the master control room with some $8 million in monitors, buttons, graphics and video editing systems along with camera angle controls. All of these gadgets combined will let the Ravens or any other team to hammer audiences with replays, highlights and all sorts of finely detailed play action on the two gigantic screens in one stunning way.

Obviously enough, for two new 4K UHD video boards, ultra HD recording equipment is also needed and as part of the massive recording investment, the stadium has been equipped with 11 new ultra HD cameras for complex multi-angle shooting across the entire play field. Additional info that will be constantly screened across the 4K video boards includes vitals like scores, stats, social media, replays, slow motion shots and all sorts of other game-enhancing details.

O’Brien further stated that, “Our goal is to provide our fans with memories, excitement, and emotion that you can only experience here at M&T Bank Stadium,”

The 4K UHD video board investment being delivered to M&T Bank Stadium is part of an overall $120 million spending package of renovations for the major sports venue.

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