Game of Thrones season 6 and other content coming for the Sky Q 4K set-top box in 2016

by on November 18, 2015

Stephan Jukic – November 18, 2015

Sky announced the upcoming launch of their new Sky Q set-top box just last week and at the event, the company’s director of products, Andrew Olsen, gave a neat overview of just what sort of functionality and content sharing features the new box will have.

We’ve covered all of these in a previous piece on the Sky 4K box but now let’s take a look at the content options that were also mentioned at the official launch of Sky Q.

To start with Olsens own words from the event, “What’s next? To give you just a peek at a few of the things we’ll be bringing next year; the Sky Q box is Ultra HD ready and we’ll be launching UHD content services later in 2016. Not only sports but movies, entertainment and more.”

While the products director from Sky didn’t go into detail about just what kind of specific 4K content the Sky Q 4K UHD programming option would offer, the CEO of Sky himself, Jeremy Darroch did deliver a brief recap of what we can loosely expect in 2016 from the world’s latest 4K UHD content delivery service and gadget.

While Derroch’s description of their content options was a bit light on detail and heavier on PR fluff, he did explain that the company would bring together the “very best” of TV from anywhere in the world into one single service via Sky Q.

Sky has already done test filming of the Ryder Cup with 4K UHD cameras, meaning that this might be one of its Sky Q content streams

Sky has already done test filming of the Ryder Cup with 4K UHD cameras, meaning that this might be one of its Sky Q content streams

Furthermore, he stated that the service would include some excellent original drama offerings in the U.S, with the sixth season of “Game of Thrones” forming a part of this. He also claimed that there would be plenty of new premier movies also up for enjoyment.

In addition to these content options, we can also look forward to “A huge era in sport. All four golf majors, the Ryder Cup will be back and we’ll have more and even better live Premier League football than before”, according to Derroch.

Now, while the CEO nor anyone else confirmed that any of the above programming would be in 4K UHD resolution, we do know that: A. the company is promising to offer 4K content of some kind with the Sky Q box and B. that they have been spotted testing 4K UHD video recording equipment at Ryder Cup matches and the Premier League as well, as we’ve covered previously on this site.

In its impending iteration as a consumer-ready product, the Sky Q box will not start off with any 4K content availability but the Sky CEO has affirmed that this would quickly change as their latest set-top, web connected gadget gets covered by “a stream of new features that will just keep coming” in the days and months after the early 2016 launch.

One thing we can be sure about at least is that buyers of all the new 4K UHD TVs that are now going on sale for deep discounts across the U.S thanks to Black Friday, will have one more source of 4K ultra HD entertainment to enjoy in 2016.

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